Find your starry night

Go Stargazing

You’ve been home long enough. Hit the road and see the world beyond you with some good ole’ fashioned stargazing. Add a little extra excitement to the night with a stargazer app, which can identify the exact stars you’re looking at.

Best states to stargaze in: Utah, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado.

Bonus points if you nap near the water

Nap in a Hammock

The sounds of a forest, the scent of the trees, the fresh, clean air—there’s something undeniably relaxing about escaping to the woods. Add in a hammock and you’re officially on vacation, no matter how close to home you may be.

Best state forests: Maine, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Vermont, Alabama.

Get up, get out and get lost

Go Hiking

It’s hard to get out of your own head when you’re cooped up at home. Sometimes you’ve got to get the body moving to help the brain take a back seat. Find a local hike near you and see what undiscovered sights await you… and don’t forget to take pics. Lots and lots of pics.

Best states to hike in: Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Wyoming.

Hit the trail or the open road

Take a Bike Ride

We dare you to go on a bike ride and not have a good time. Ok, not actually. Our real dare is for you to take a bike ride and have a wonderful time. Feel the wind in your hair, the pedals under your feet and let everything else fall by the wayside.

Best states for cycling: South Carolina, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky.

Set off for your sunset

Watch the Sunset

It’s easy to forget that mother nature is providing prime time viewing every morning and every night. Sunrises and Sunsets are an amazing way to disconnect from the crazy times and simplify your state of mind. Enjoy the show and, again, take those pics!

Best states for Sunsets: Hawaii, New Mexico, California, Massachusetts, Florida.

Go Kayaking

If you’ve got a lake, beach or river nearby, this is a sure-fire way to enjoy the final days of summer. Bring a few friends and spend the day out on the water, paddling to your heart’s content. Just don’t forget sunscreen (we’ve made that mistake).

Best states to go kayaking: West Virginia, Florida, Minnesota, Wyoming, Mississippi.

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