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The Energy Future

By 2050, the world’s population could grow to 9 billion people, up from about 7 billion today.

Meeting Today's Demand

We explore for and extract crude oil and natural gas, often in joint ventures with international and national oil companies

Unconventional Resources

We have expanded our North American onshore natural gas portfolio, using advances in proven technology to tap previously inaccessible "tight" gas.

Energy From Deep Water

Shell is a top deep-water oil and gas producer in the Gulf of Mexico. Our focus is always on safe, responsible and innovative deep water operations.

Innovating Together

Innovating with others, developing and investing in great ideas from entrepreneurs, employees, partners, students and academics.

Make the future

We believe that in the power of people’s ingenuity lie the answers to tomorrow’s energy challenges. Together we can #makethefuture today.

Transforming natural gas

We are helping to meet the world’s growing energy demand while limiting CO2 emissions, by delivering more cleaner-burning natural gas.

Shell WindEnergy


Shell has more than a decade of experience in wind energy, and owns interest in nine operating wind projects.


Make The Future Detroit

Come out to the Cobo Center to see Make the Future Detroit, a festival of ideas and innovation featuring Shell Eco-marathon Americas.

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Finding Oil And Gas

Shell is probably best known for bright red and yellow service stations and for exploring and producing oil and gas.