Inside Shell’s Environmental Stewardship

Partnerships in Conservation Educational Video Library

Shell teams up with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to protect iconic American wildlife and habitats.

Environmental Stewardship

For Shell, sustainability means providing essential energy for a growing population in a responsible way.

Conservation Activities

Over the past 100 years, Shell has continued to help preserve and protect our communities through conservation projects and initiatives.

Conservation Project Map

View our interactive map that highlights some of Shell’s key conservation activities in the United States.

Latest News

Connect with us here to learn about Shell’s latest conservation news and activities from across the United States.


Shell’s Cougar Platform Becomes an Artificial Reef

Platform that once tested the limits of deep water will play new role closer to Louisiana coast.

From plastic bottles to floating Islands

Learn how jazz music and recycled plastic can help slow shoreline erosion in Louisiana.

Conservation Partners

Shell partners and engages with responsible organizations to leverage their expertise and ensure our investments make the most impact.

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