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Shell Pipeline Company LP has helped meet America’s energy needs for 100 years.

Shell Pipeline Customers

Shell Pipeline is committed to providing customers with optionality, flow assurance, product quality, and superior customer service.

Falcon Ethane Pipeline System

The Falcon Ethane Pipeline system will connect the Marcellus and Utica shale with the Shell Petrochemical facility in Monaca, Pa.


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Featured content

Shell Pipeline kicks off Wildflower Energy Project

Learn more about the Wildflower Energy Project and Shell Pipeline’s plan to scale similar conservation efforts within the industry.

Energy From Deep Water

Shell is a top deep-water oil and gas producer in the Gulf of Mexico. Our focus is always on safe, responsible and innovative deep water operations.

Helping to enhance biodiversity and shoreline stability in Louisiana

Shell Pipeline teams up with Danos and Natrx to complete four coastal reclamation projects.