What is The Giving Pump?

What is The Giving Pump?

It’s the specially marked pump with colorful, purple signage where a portion of your fill-up will be donated to a local children’s charity.

Shell is fueling our future

Shell is fueling local futures

Participating Shell stations across the U.S. are turning empty tanks into a brighter future.

You gas up, we give to kids

You gas up, we give to kids

Simply fill up at The Giving Pump and a portion of your purchase will be donated to a local children’s charity.

See How It Works - The Giving Pump

Title:  The Giving Pump

Duration: 0:15 seconds


An animated video demonstrating how The Giving Pump works to help customers join Shell stations in supporting local children’s charities.

The Giving Pump Transcript

[Background music plays]

A light, upbeat, happy, energetic track.

[Animated sequence]

We open on an icon of a Shell gas pump. A heart expands into place and pulses as pipes grow outward from the pump. We pan across the pipes, leading us to a network of frames with black and white footage of children. We push in on one of the frames and the footage shifts to color. We keep panning around this web of pipes and frames before zooming out again to reveal the pump in the center with the pulsing heart. The logo for THE GIVING PUMP appears above the pump, ideally in time with the VO.

We zoom in on the top of the pump. Numbers begin increasing, as if someone is pumping gas. “THE GIVING PUMP” logo scales down into the pump topper, with the frame drawing around it. An arrow comes down into the frame.

We follow pipes from the previous frame. Then we pan across and push in to reveal footage of children, shifting from black and white to color, as the super builds in with the pace of the VO. We continue to follow the pipes through the interconnected web of frames, zooming in and out. We resolve with all pipes leading back to the pump with the logo centered.

[Text displays]

{Repeat any text that appears in the video}




This local Shell station...

...is giving back to kids in our community...

...and, with The Shell Giving Pump, it’s easy for you to join us.

Just fill up at the specially marked Shell Giving Pump...

...and a portion of your purchase will be donated to a local children’s charity.

It costs nothing extra...

...but it can mean everything.


{Describe what is displayed on the screen}

An animated Shell pump appears on screen and lines branch out from it, connecting to video clips of children. We zoom in on the pump readout and then a title appears, followed by more clips of children and a zoom out back to the pump.

Find a Giving Pump near me

The Giving Pump is coming back! Shell stations across the U.S. will support local children’s charities from August 1st through September 30th, 2023.