Why is efficiency so important for fleets?

No matter the size or makeup of your fleet, there’s always room to do things more efficiently. Whether you’re cutting costs to help widen profit margins or cutting emissions to meet sustainability targets, improving the efficiency of your fleet can have a huge impact on your overall business:

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Fuel efficiency

Fuel is one of the largest expenditures in your fleet’s operating budget and prices at the pump can often fluctuate.1 That’s why it’s vital to gain greater control over your fuel usage whenever possible, whether that’s by using a fuel card to track and plan your purchases or reducing consumption through route optimization and improved driver behavior.

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The potential for digitalization to improve operations is available to all fleet managers. However, it can still be challenging as well as time consuming to bring multiple sources of data together. It’s why six out of ten fleets are looking for support with integration, which would allow fleet managers to work more efficiently and focus on higher priority tasks.2

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Energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency across all parts of your business will be pivotal for fleets looking to move towards a net-zero emissions future. Data will be an invaluable part of this, especially as more fleets are electrified, by helping to measure, track and reduce energy or fuel waste wherever possible. No wonder a third of fleet professionals highlight telematics solutions as an important resource for complying with sustainability regulations.3

Smarter fleet management: Lower costs, more convenience, greater control

Cost, convenience, and control are potentially three of the most important elements for fleet managers to consider on a daily basis. Harnessing the power of all three can unlock new opportunities for efficiency in your fleet, provided you have the right mobility tools at your disposal and the right fleet consultants with expertise in fleet solutions and services by your side.

Explore what separates and connects these three concepts, and why data-driven processes are important to all of them, in our article on smarter fleet management. Then discover three effective tools that can give you greater control over your fleet operations, making journeys more convenient and cost-effective for both you and your drivers.

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How Shell Fleet services can help

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Speak to our expert consultants if you’re looking to explore a new avenue for your fleet, whether that’s electrification or mobile fuel delivery.

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We have a range of solutions and strategies, including Shell Fleet Cards, that can help keep your vehicles effective and efficient while on the road.

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Think a data-driven approach could help accelerate your fleet’s goals? See why telematics might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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