Fleet solutions to keep your stakeholders confident during challenging times

Confident fleet management requires buy-in from several key stakeholders, each with their own demands from your fleet. Discover how the right partner can provide the right solutions, so you can stay confident – and in control – of your business’ fleet.

Steps to Achieving Smarter Fleet Management

Whatever your fleet’s goals, cost, convenience and control are three considerations that every fleet manager should prioritize for a more productive and profitable operation. But they needn’t do so alone – discover the tools and technologies that Shell Fleet Solutions can provide to help you unlock smarter fleet management today.

Pathways to More Efficient and Sustainable Fleets

Throughout North America, fleets are searching for ways to become more efficient and sustainable. Learn how to optimize ICE and EV fleets with a variety of solutions that can help fleets increase efficiency and productivity.

US Fleet Management Trends for 2022

The past few years have emphasized that the automotive and fleet industry is constantly evolving and we all need smarter solutions to maximize results.

Shell Fleet Solutions Introduces EV Charging for US Fleets

Shell Fleet Solutions is pleased to announce that in addition to providing the largest network of fueling stations, high quality fuel, the largest payment card portfolio for US fleets, telematics and maintenance, the organization has now added EV charging to its line-up. 

Shell Fleet Solutions Q1 Trends Report

Tips and advice on how to manage your fleet efficiently, brought to you by Shell Fleet Solutions.

Shell Fleet Solutions Q2 Trends Report

Tips and advice on how to put safety and control at the forefront of operations, brought to you by Shell Fleet Solutions.