Car in Parking

In a high mileage environment, fleet drivers are at greater risk of being involved in an accident – but that doesn’t mean it’s an inevitability.

To reduce the risk, it’s up to fleet managers to understand the impact that their actions can have.

Whether you’re looking to improve vehicle monitoring, driver behavior or maintenance best practices, Shell Fleet Solutions has the tools you need to take ownership of your fleet’s well-being. These include:

  • Shell Telematics: To help you turn fleet insights into safety actions, whether through optimized delivery routes or smarter scheduling.
  • Shell Fleet Card: To reduce distractions and improve security by making refueling a simpler process.
  • Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub which has seen customers save an average of 26% on common services and labor.1

At Shell, we are committed to helping improve your fleet’s safety. Complete the following form and download our full paper now – and see how we can help you apply these solutions to your own fleet management strategy.

1Based on a national survey conducted by CarAdvise LLC in 2017. Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub has pre-negotiated discounts off of retail prices on both common maintenance services and labor rates. The typical customer can expect to see an average annual savings of 26% off of standard retail pricing when they book through Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub’s platform. Final savings depend on the type of services performed, vehicle type, shop brand and regionality.