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Transparent and continuous data is critical to accurately manage and forecast inventory. The Shell Tank Level Monitoring platform offers state-of-the-art data analytics combined with market-leading industry sensors to monitor a tank’s lubricant level 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This level of visibility helps our customers improve their inventory strategies and avoid costly mistakes by preventing untimely runouts and last-minute delivery needs.

Monitoring tank levels maximizes value for your supply chain and operations teams by providing product usage history over time for more streamlined and accurate forecasting. Furthermore, analysis of this historical data can help identify anomalies in product use.

Customize your alerts to critical levels based on your personal notification preferences through our online platform. The portal gives you the ability to check the status of all monitored tanks at any time.

  • Optimize logistics with transparent data

  • Proactive alerts to avoid run-outs and for leaks/anomalies

  • Reduce calculation and forecasting errors

  • Prioritize safety by eliminating manual gauging

  • Urgent order and administrative reduction

  • Sensor-agnostic platform

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