Hosted in partnership with Net Impact, this year’s Future of Energy Challenge prompted participants to find innovative solutions to reduce Scope 3 emissions. Six teams were selected to participate in the accelerator program this year, and the teams spent eight weeks working through an accelerator curriculum with the support of Shell mentors to develop their ideas into market-ready solutions. This year’s winning teams will receive $10,000 of non-dilutive funding and resources to invest in the next stage of developing their clean energy start-up. The specific benefit of this prize will be curated to the winning team’s fit-for-purpose needs determined by their participation in the accelerator.

Each year, the judges crown the champion team after the final pitch-off to win the grand prize. To celebrate the success of the teams more broadly, the challenge also crowns an “Audience’s Choice Winner” by allowing the general public to vote for their favorite pitch. Check out the results of this year’s competition below and learn more about each team’s innovative solution to reduce Scope 3 emissions.

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Meet the Judges’ Choice Winner: New World Energy LLC

New World Energy LLC focuses on research and development of the innovative technologies and solutions that can help protect the people and the planet through active collaborations between scientific and business communities. Currently, they are focused working on the “Hydro Mobile”, the first of its kind technology that offers mobile hydrogen production on the spot and on-location.

“We are very honored to win the Future of Energy Challenge,” Vladlen Shvedov, New World Energy Chief Research and Development Officer and Co-Founder, reflected. “It is such a great feeling and means a lot for us to win this incredible competition. It is a significant step forward for our team. It gives us an opportunity to introduce our innovation to the green energy industry sector and the local communities. Now we can make our dreams come true and achieve the goals of making the world cleaner, reducing air pollution, and decreasing the amount of waste that goes to landfills.”

When asked what the company’s next steps are, Tatyana Whited, Chief Executive Officer and Co- Founder explained, “Our next steps are a pilot station that showcases our method of green hydrogen production, partnerships, collaborations, and growing our team. Our first full-size pilot station will produce as much as 3 tons of green hydrogen per day, which will help the people that today stay in lines waiting to refuel their cars. We will be looking to bring on new team members that will help us support these stations so that we can continue to improve the technology and, as promised, be able to provide heat and electricity from it in the next two years ahead.”

Meet the Audience’s Choice Winner: Revived

With an estimated three million used batteries discarded each year in the US, Revived aims to prevent these batteries from ending up in landfills by repurposing them for use in off-grid electrification projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Meet the Remaining Teams

Digestics offers innovative financing solutions for anaerobic digester projects. Through verified carbon credit forecasting and brokerage, Digestics secures the capital that digester projects need to launch.

ESGWAY provides innovative software platforms that accelerate the implementation of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) by expediting techno-economic evaluations and environmental de-risking of underground CO2 injection.

Firebee makes electricity from fires and stoves to charge batteries and improve combustion to decrease fuel use, emissions and smoke. Firebee aims to reduce energy poverty, fuel cost and lung disease for billions of people.

INN>CHRG is an online booking platform that expands the EV-charging infrastructure by making existing residential and business chargers available on an online public marketplace.

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