Force For Good - Providence, USA

Title: Hasbro Children’s Hospital

Duration: 1:30 minutes


Shell wholesalers Andy and Sandy Delli Carpini philanthropic efforts helped open Rhode Island’s first pediatric hospital, the Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Hasbro Children’s Hospital Transcript

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Creating Better Futures In Our Communities

Alston Family: When you picture having a child, you picture everything going perfect.

Alston Family: When Amber was pregnant, we found out very early in the process that Paige was going to be born with a giant Omphalocele, where basically her stomach, intestines, and portion of her liver developed outside of her body. The Hasbro hospital was our home for one hundred eighty days.

Sandy Delli Carpini: My mom was ill most of my life, and I spent many hours in hospitals. Helping people and having patient contact really made me appreciate the whole industry.

Dr. Margaret Van Bree: Our partnership with Sandy and Andy has been spectacular. They raise money that we can use to make sure we have a really comprehensive children’s hospital.

Karli Blossom: We have a lot of services that we provide here. Those programs simply wouldn’t exist without philanthropy.

Alston Family: To just see her thrive and be a five-year-old and play and be social, and just the love that she has, that to me proves how wonderful the hospital is.

Andy Delli Carpini: It’s very warming to us knowing that, you know, we’re a part of that. I’ve been very fortunate to be with Shell, and I’ve seen the charitable work that the wholesalers do across entire country. It’s just tremendous, and it actually inspires you to do even more.

Sandy Delli Carpini: We’re the Della Carpinis, and together, we’re a force for good.

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Together we are a force for good

  1. Shell is committed to being a Force for Good by creating strong relationships with partners and customers to bring positive change in local communities. We are constantly exploring what matter most to our customers, and want to highlight the good our Shell Wholesalers are doing in the communities in which they live and operate. TOGETHER, we are a Force for Good.
Shell is a Force for Good

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