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A Polymer Supplier Committed to Building (Real)ationships

Polymer suppliers can do more than create and ship resin. They can go above and beyond to create a one-of-a-kind (Real)ationship. To us, that involves an experience that includes proactive problem solving, communication, and solutions built to address specific challenges.

The Shell Polymers Difference

Supply Reliability - Shot of Plant Location over US Map

Supply Reliability

Get the polyethylene you need, when you need it

We recognize the importance of resin to your business. From our convenient, Northeastern location to the thoughtful design of our plant, we’re dedicated to getting converters like you the material you need when you need it.

  • Logistical advantages & accessibility
  • Multiple strategic transportation options
  • Weather-proofed plant design

Learn more about our commitment to your supply >

Quality Assurance - Shot of Innovation Center

Quality Assurance

Bring value to your business with consistent, high-quality resin

Shell Polymers takes pride in creating high-quality resin that is consistent from lot to lot. We do this by embedding quality assurance through every step of the resin lifecycle. Plus, we collaborate with converters to address specific challenges. Working with a polymer supplier should be a collaborative experience that brings:

  • Assured product consistency
  • Top quality resin through testing
  • Verified product performance

Learn how we achieve quality standards through in-depth polymer testing >



Leverage innovation and drive to pave a sustainable future

We intend to adapt to, innovate for, and play our part in the global shift to provide cleaner energy. In support of this goal, Shell Polymers, along with other branches of Shell are prioritizing sustainability into our operations via:

  • The creation of a more circular economy
  • CO2 intensity reduction
  • Community engagement
  • Impact assessments, proactive environmental remediation
  • And more…

Delivering Value To Plastics Converters

At Shell polymers, we're redefining what a true customer relationship looks like. Fueled by convertor insights, we're confident in our ability to help you better manage and grow your business. But our expertise extends far beyond polymers. Because when you work with us, you are working with the larger Shell Network, a whopping 85,000 innovators, thinkers and collaborators who are all eager to help you unlock ultimate business value, and we're happy to connect you with these experts across the biz. Whether you want more efficient machinery with maximum output, need support exploring pyrolysis for a lower carbon footprint, or wants to switch to a more renewable energy source. We'll serve up digital solutions to help you prepare for the future. While of course providing resin you can rely on. With the collective brain power of Shell. We won't just get the job done. We'll get it done better.

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