Improve Reliability Through Strategic Logistics

Stay informed about supply chain challenges on the horizon and how Shell Polymers is proactively creating solutions to eliminate those issues.

How to Diversify Your Supply Chain

SIT Yard

Learn about our owned and operated SIT yard, located 20 miles from our northeastern polyethylene plant, and the advantages it can bring to your business.

Supply Diversification

Address supply needs and establish greater risk mitigation in your supply chain.

Strategic Transportation

When it comes to a consistent supply, there is a need for logistical expertise and advanced solutions.

Work with a Proactive Supplier

Our advanced technology and proximity to our customers and SIT yard allows us to deliver with shorter lead times when needed. That includes our state-of-the-art silo to top truck loading that can load trucks in 15–20 minutes and get them prepared for shipment in under an hour.

If customer pellets won’t arrive on time, we can change from railcar to truck, making sure our customers get what they need, when they expect it.

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Weather-Proofed Measures

Mother Nature is unpredictable, but we've taken the necessary precautions when designing our Monaca, PA plant to ensure that we are prepared for inclement weather.

See how

  • Flood Protection

    The lowest elevation for our plant is 14 feet above the 100-year flood stage for the Ohio River and the majority of the plant is 80-100 feet above that stage.

  • Innovative winterization

    To ensure consistency of supply, our plant is built to maintain operations through all seasons, including harsh winter conditions.

  • Location Advantage

    Our location isn’t just close to converters; it’s also able to withstand harsh elements in order to reduce weather-related delays.

Cross team collaboration

Cross-Team Collaboration

Our teams work closely together with the common goal of ensuring that supply is consistent and everything is designed with the customer in mind.

Our production team helps determine how we can get maximum use out of our equipment and collaborates with the logistics team to get the materials to our customers in the most efficient ways possible. 

Meet Our Supply Chain & Logistics Professionals

Rosalinda Brinkmeyer, Supply Coordinator

Supply Coordinator Rosalinda Brinkmeyer reveals her four ways in which she believes Shell Polymers will deliver an unrivaled customer experience.

Polymer Profile: Ana Buss, Distribution and Export Manager

Meet our Polymer expert, Distribution and Export Manager, Ana Buss. Bringing years of experience both in the industry and with Shell, Ana's work in the distribution and export channel is an integral part of delivering an unrivaled customer experience.

Natasha Thompson, IT Logistics Manager

Meet Natasha Thompson, Logistics I.T. Lead. With over 20 years of experience, Natasha has been with Shell for more than six years and in Shell Polymers a little more than 3 years as a Sr. Business Analyst and Team Lead of its I.T. Commercial Logistics team.

Meet Our Production Professionals

LaCree Parrish, Production Operator

Production Operator, LaCree Parrish discusses her role at Shell Polymers and how she plans to help create an unrivaled customer experience.

Terence Getting, Production Operator

Shell Polymers has been hiring a team of experts with a proven track record in polyethylene to fill our new plant. This profile features Production Operator, Terence Gettings, who plays an instrumental role in setting up the site’s logistics operation.

Jason Eckhart, Electrical Manager

Jason Eckhart is proud to be a vital member of the Shell Polymers team, working to launch a new plant on a site that features prominently in the history of his family and his local community. We feel that it’s our shared responsibility to respect that legacy, and we trust team leaders like Jason to ensure that Shell Polymers continues to honor our obligations to the community and environment.

Georgia Craven, Procurement Manager

Meet Georgia Craven, Procurement Manager as we learn about her 22-year career with Shell and how her work directly affects the Shell Polymers plant.

Jeremy Cross, Production Unit Manager

Production Unit Manager Jeremy Cross shares about his role at Shell Polymers and reveals his top-four tips for production excellence.

Polymer Profile: Natalie Holmes, Polyethylene Product Manager

Meet our Polyethylene Product Manager, Natalie Holmes. Natalie brings years of relationship-building experience and plays a critical role in developing our product portfolio to help us create an unrivaled customer experience.