Bio Fuels Feed stock facility Shell Energies Junction City

A Timely Upgrade

Shell is expanding and upgrading the former JC Biomethane plant in Junction City, Oregon, which Shell acquired in May 2018, and renamed Shell New Energies, Junction City. The expansion and upgrades include adding additional anaerobic digestion capacity, changing the utilized feedstock to agricultural wastes, and replacing the biogas-fired generator with a gas upgrading system that produces and exports Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

Expected Production

Upon reaching a steady state of operations, Shell New Energies, Junction City is expected to produce approximately 736,000 MMBtu/yr of RNG. RNG, or biomethane, is a pipeline-quality gas that is fully interchangeable with conventional natural gas and thus can be used in natural gas vehicles. The use of RNG in the form of compressed natural gas can reduce CO2 emissions from around 50% to 100% compared to fossil fuels. Encouraged by government policies, demand for RNG is increasing in transport sectors such as road and marine. Establishing a business in the production and supply of RNG allows Shell to continue providing customers with the fuels they need, not only today but in the future. 

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Projects and Locations

Helping to meet global energy demand in a responsible way.

Energy and Innovation

Innovation is the reason why we are able to unlock new sources of energy such as biofuels from plants.

Supplier Diversity

Shell is known for working within their communities to help develop interest in working with the oil and gas industry and for fostering diverse suppliers’ capabilities to help them succeed in our complex supply chain.