Shell Deer Park is an expansive facility
Shell Deer Park is an expansive facility

The product portfolio includes ethylene oxide/ethylene glycols, higher olefins and derivatives, lower olefins and aromatics, phenol/acetone and nonene, and solvents, which are used in many consumer and industrial products and processes. Our major U.S. manufacturing facilities are located in Alabama (Mobile), Louisiana (Norco and Geismar) and Texas (Deer Park).

Chemicals-related technology activities in the United States are centered the Shell Technology Center Houston.

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Manufacturing Locations in the United States

Deer Park Chemicals

Shell Deer Park is a 1,500-acre complex located in Deer Park, Texas, approximately 20 miles east of downtown Houston.

Geismar Plant

The Geismar Plant is an effective and dynamic organization, known in our industry as the supplier of choice.

Norco Manufacturing Complex

Shell`s Norco Manufacturing Complex features both refining and chemicals facilities and is recognized as one of the largest and foremost petrochemical facilities in the United States.