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As the energy needs of the world change, so do the demands for more innovative solutions. Do you have the talent and tenacity to help us deliver sustainable solutions to power tomorrow?

Almost everything about our world—all the things we do, touch and know—stems from science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). STEM helps us understand the world and gives us tools to improve our lives.

In the kitchen, for instance, you can use algebra to adjust a recipe. Chemistry can help you decide which ingredients to add. You can use geometry to set the table and biology to tell if the leftover pizza is bad. Your microwave has energy to cook your food, thanks to engineering and robotics. After dinner, you can use the latest technologies to play video games or text your friends. Even the music you strum on your guitar is based on math.

Shell couldn’t do business without STEM workers. That’s why Shell is proud to support STEM programs for teachers and students

Educators, be sure to visit our STEM Classroom Activities & Resources page for innovative energy curriculum materials..

STEM = A Better Future

STEM can open the door to amazing opportunities in life. If you are a student, earning a two-or four-year STEM degree gives you the power to find a better job, work at an occupation you love, earn more money and even help to change the world. Watch and learn about different STEM jobs at Shell.

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STEM Careers

Are you ready for a challenge? From here you can explore technical careers in one of the most exciting, varied and crucial industries on Earth.

STEM Classroom Activities & Resources

Shell is pleased to provide energy curriculum, to be used in classrooms and at home.

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