Young students wearing Shell backpacks
Over 25,000 students and their families attended the Mayor’s Back to School Fest at the University of Houston.

Over 25,000 students and their families attended the Mayor’s Back 2 School Fest at the University of Houston. For many kids, this was their first exposure to a college campus and the Athletic Alumni Center was filled with corporate and non-profit organizations ready to greet them. Shell is a presenting sponsor of the event, which was created several years ago to prepare economically disadvantaged students in grades K-5 for academic success.

Frazier Wilson, Manager of Workforce and Community Strategic Initiatives (WCSI) stated, “The Back to School Festival demonstrates the power of community, education and business working together to improve outcomes in student achievement.” 

Wilson added, “This partnership aligns with the company’s commitment to cultivating a network that supports the development of STEM careers and other disciplines that add to the economic strength and stability of our vibrant communities.”

Promoting healthy communities is an important area for US Social Investment and the Mayor’s Back to School Fest met some of those needs. Hundreds of students had their vision checked and received dental screenings, both free of charge. Parents were given information on how to keep their children healthy and to develop strong minds and bodies.

At the end of the program, each student was presented with a Shell-branded backpack. Each one was loaded with school supplies for the coming year, ensuring the students get a good start. And who knows, among them might just be the next generation of Shell engineers and chemists.

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