Shell Technology Center Houston (STCH) is the largest of three Shell technology hubs—the others are in Amsterdam and Bangalore.

Sitting on 200 acres, STCH has 44 buildings that account for more than 1.2 million square feet of laboratory and office space. The Center is home to six of the 11 Shell Chief Scientists, whom contribute internationally-recognized, scientific expertise and are thought leaders in their specialized areas.

STCH delivers differentiating technical information technology (IT) for Shell and drives innovation to create technology solutions for tomorrow.

The Center’s work includes catalyst-related activities in conjunction with CRI/Criterion Inc, in areas such as the development of high-activity desulphurization catalysts to produce ultra-low-sulphur diesel. STCH is currently focused on:

Deepwater and Exploration R&D, including seismic 4D, wells, reservoir engineering.

Unconventional hydrocarbon resources for heavy oil and oil shale.

Project design, engineering and management.

Process Development & Support for oil and chemical facilities.

R&D and Technical support for fuels, lubricants and aviation activities.

Upstream and downstream catalyst development and testing.

Energy-related biotechnology.

Full-range of Analytical services.

Modernization Project

Shell has a track record of delivering novel technology solutions and supporting large-scale, complex projects in some of the world’s most challenging locations to help meet rising energy demand. To continue advancing the development and deployment of vital innovation and technology, STCH underwent extensive expansion and renovation, completed in 2012.

The modernization project, which added 150,000 square feet and improved two-thirds of the existing space with major renovations, brought together upstream research and technology from the Bellaire Technology Center and downstream research and development and engineering support from the Westhollow Technology Center to create the Shell Technology Center Houston.

Creative Thinking Drives Innovation

STCH’s expansive complex combines upstream and downstream technology groups to create unique synergies in the search for technologies to meet future energy demand. Innovations can come to fruition more effectively here, where the focus is on encouraging different ways of thinking, perceiving and working together in order to effectively communicate, exchange knowledge and combine disciplines to drive innovation.

Sustainable Design

The STCH modernization improves energy efficiency, reduces energy consumption by approximately $2.0 million a year and reduces environmental impact through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. Improvements generate a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions and a significant reduction in chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Consolidation to one site also significantly reduces the environmental footprint.

At the Heart of the Community

STCH gives back to the greater Houston community. Shell and its employees support programs that not only help society thrive today, but also meet the needs of tomorrow through two primary types of initiatives. One is designed to grow innovative minds and build a strong workforce through education.

The second respects the environment by preserving habitats, restoring marsh and wetlands, protecting coastal prairies, cleaning trash from 600 miles of Texas shoreline, and properly disposing of or e-cycling electronic waste — such as old computers and cell phones — to reduce landfill and incineration, which can release volatile organic compounds and chemicals into the soil and groundwater.

Magnet for Talent

STCH offers a career at the forefront of industry innovation, with outstanding professional development and opportunities to work on some of the most demanding and exciting energy projects anywhere in the world.

By further developing its links with technical universities across the United States, as well as universities abroad, the Center is a magnet for the academic community and knowledge institutions. STCH attracts a great deal of talented engineering, technical and commercial professionals. For more information, please visit

Contact Information

Shell Technology Center Houston
3333 Highway 6 South
Houston, TX 77082-3101

Non-emergency Telephone:
+1 281 544 9900

Emergency Telephone:
+1 281 544 8155

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