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Understanding Converter Challenges

The outcome of those interviews? A deeper understanding of what customers look for in polyethylene suppliers and areas we can improve the relationship. For example, our conversations revealed that there is an opportunity to increase transparency around shipments through GPS tracking. Similarly, we discovered having experienced team members who understand the unique needs of an application and industry would ease the stress of placing rush orders.

That’s why we’re creating a supply chain that incorporates innovative ordering and fulfillment technologies—all to increase supply reliability and ensure peace of mind.

Improving Customer Experiences with Advanced Technology

Leveraging Diverse Perspectives

We are hiring people who have different upbringings, come from different countries, and have different work experiences. Those viewpoints give us new industry perspectives, help accomplish our goals as a polyethylene supplier, and drive creative problem solutions.

A One-to-One Approach to Customer Service

At Shell Polymers, we are committed to doing things differently, so we can offer a more personal customer experience. To do this, we’re assembling dedicated customer service representatives and technical teams for every customer. This ensures that the Shell Polymers team members you interact with have an in-depth knowledge of every facet of your business and are uniquely prepared to help solve challenges such as last-minute orders.

With dedicated account teams and engaged service reps, customers will experience a different kind of conversation when they reach out to their polyethylene supplier. From the account managers who help drive continuous business growth to our technical service pioneers who provide dedicated customer support, converters can rest easy knowing that their business is a priority. Our team of passionate polymer professionals are prepared to think open-mindedly about how to create an unrivaled customer experience unique to every business.

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Our experienced team of Polymer Pros and Pioneers are committed to delivering a customer experience that will rival other suppliers.

Leveraging Modern Production Technology to Build a Better Plant

Take a closer look at our polyethylene plant’s digitalization technologies and see how they will benefit customers (spoiler alert: they improve our supply chain reliability).

Discover the Latest PE Insights

Shell Polymers is dedicated to keeping a pulse on trends impacting converters, highlighting advancements, and providing expert insights backed by credible market research.