Polyethylene Resin Manufacturers Team Up to Put Pellets In Their Place

Global initiatives such as Operation Clean Sweep are mobilizing resin manufacturers, plastics converters, and carriers to commit to achieving zero pellet loss from operational and logistical inefficiencies.

How Converters Can Support a Circular Economy in the Packaging Industry

Plastic's versatility is undeniable, but what if we thought about the material with the expectation it will be recycled or reused?

35 Years of Powering Progress Towards Cleaner Energy Solutions

Learn about Shell’s global academic program focused on energy optimization, collaboration, and innovation.

Blown Film Troubleshooting: Reduce Line Downtime with Expert Tips on Lubricants

Avoid unplanned downtime and the impacts it has on your business by properly using lubricants on blown film lines.

How to Prepare for LLDPE Rotational Molding Operations

Polymer Pioneer, Adriana Velasquez, shares some of the benefits and challenges of rotomolding, as well as a few best practices from her 15+ years of experience in the industry.

Advice for the Next Generation: A Fireside Chat with the Women of Shell Polymers

 Learn what some of the ladies of Shell Polymers would tell their younger selves, as well as some pieces of advice for the next generation of plastic professionals based on their experiences.

A Roadmap to Success: A Fireside Chat with the Women of Shell Polymers

Hear our talented women’s career highlights and challenges and what they learned from those experiences.

The Future of Plastics: A Fireside Chat with the Women of Shell Polymers

Learn from some of our inspirational women’s experiences and be encouraged by their advice for future generations of women in the plastics and technology industry.

What the Winter Storm in Texas Taught Us About Risk Mitigation in Polyethylene Supply Chains

Risk mitigation is critical to building diverse, resilient polyethylene supply chains in the polymer industry.  Discover how winter storms in Texas reinforced the importance of risk mitigation and what our team learned from the experience.

Pipe Extruders Should Look at HDPE as The Future of Utilities Infrastructure

HDPE is rising in popularity for pipes in underground applications. Find out why HDPE is replacing materials like copper, cast or ductile iron, and clay for pipe infrastructures.

Polyethylene in Everyday Life: Common LLDPE Plastic Products

Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) is popular for its strength, impact resistance, and puncture resistance. Discover 5 areas of your home in which you can find LLDPE plastic products.

Welcome Home: Production Operators Arrive for Their First Shift in Shell Polymers' Finished Control Building

In a major milestone, Shell’s construction team hands off the control building to the Shell Polymers production operators as the Monaca, PA polyethylene plant progresses closer to start-up.

A More Sustainable Future Takes Innovation and Drive

At Shell, we aim to be responsible stewards of the products we provide. Discover 10 ways that we embed sustainability in our operations throughout the Shell group.

Ensure a Trouble-Free Blown Film Extrusion Machine Shutdown

Discover high-value tips from Shell Polymer Pioneers that can help plastic converters ensure a smooth film extrusion machine shutdown takes place each and every time.

Polyethylene in Everyday Life: Common HDPE Plastic Products


Even though polyethylene shows up in many everyday items, consumers are rarely aware of what those products are, and most importantly, why it was chosen for the job. Learn about some of the HDPE plastic products that people use everyday.


Improve PE Blown Film Extrusion Operations with These Five Expert Insights

The need for PE film producers to improve competitiveness has never been greater. Discover high-value tips from Shell Polymer Pioneers that can help plastic converters unlock business improvements in PE blown film extrusion operations.

Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging is a critical part of innovation and growth in both consumer and industrial applications.

Polyethylene Properties

From flexible food packaging that can extend the shelf life of your favorite snacks to the bottles that hold your milk and everything in between, polyethylene’s properties make it the ideal material for an array of both consumer and industrial applications.

A Reason To Be Thankful: Looking Back on 2020 to Progress into 2021

The start of a new year is a good time to reflect and prepare for the year ahead. As we look back on the crazy days that made up 2020, we wanted to take a second to show gratitude for the good that still prevailed.

HDPE Applications: Industries Using High-Density Polyethylene to Thrive

With global demand disruptions due to COVID-19, there is now a higher demand for materials, such as HDPE, that enhance sanitization and bring hygiene benefits to consumers.

Polymer Industry Trends: Deck the Halls with Boughs of Poly(ethylene)

No matter which holiday you celebrate, this time of year is full of opportunities to deck your halls with festive decorations made from durable polyethylene.

Plastic Packaging Information: Key Insights from PACK EXPO Connects

As part of our mission to provide converters with unrivaled customer experiences, Shell Polymers is committed to keeping a pulse on industry trends by attending events such as PACK EXPO Connects.

Supply Chain Transparency

As the industry’s digital capabilities continue to expand, customers are expecting a more informed consumer experience with greater visibility into supply chain management, order traceability, security measures, and more.

Advantages of Leveraging HDPE Film for Consumer Packaging Applications

HDPE film gives packaging companies and their customers a variety of benefits. Especially compared to alternative film materials such as LLDPE, HDPE is preferred in food packaging due to its durability and resistance to moisture and chemicals.

Injection Molding Troubleshooting: Four Common Challenges and How to Address Them

According to our injection molding expert, Elliot Carnevale, there are four common defects that can occur during this production process and compromise product quality.

Shell Polymers’ Polyethylene Plant in Monaca, PA Is Making Good Progress

Shell Polymers leadership recently announced that the construction of Shell Chemicals’ polyethylene plant in Potter Township is making good progress through its construction phase.

The Role of Polyethylene Packaging in Consumer Health and Hygiene

Polyethylene packaging protects thousands of everyday consumer packaged goods including items in personal wellness, food and beverage, personal and home care, and more.

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The New Kid on the Block: Shell Polymers General Manager Presents at Global Plastics Summit 2020

General Manager, Emma Lewis, presents an overview of Shell’s growth ambitions for its global chemicals business and how the company will get there – including overcoming challenges in the short term with COVID.

Three Markets Where HDPE's Chemical Resistance Enhances Durability and Safety

These three key markets benefit from HDPE’s resistance to outside chemicals and solvents.

Tackling Food Insecurity in Beaver County with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Shell Polymers and the Pittsburgh Steelers partnered together to distribute food and other disaster relief supplies at the Community College of Beaver County.

Creating a Reliable Polymer Supply with Leading Edge Simulation Technology

As part of our mission to provide converters with unrivaled customer experiences, Shell Polymers is committed to keeping a pulse on trends and highlighting advancements by attending key industry events.

Plastic Film

In the world of packaging, plastic film is a popular choice due to its thin, yet durable composition. Learn more about plastic film, the resins commonly used to make it, and how it can benefit consumers.

Advanced Production Technology & New Ways of Working That Could Change the Game for Converters

At Shell Polymers, we are leveraging decades of the wider Shell experience within our team to build a greenfield polyethylene plant in Monaca, USA with the latest technology advancements.

The Future of Flexible Plastic Packaging: Key Insights from Global Pouch Forum 2020

As part of our mission to provide converters with unrivaled customer experiences, Shell Polymers is committed to keeping a pulse on trends and highlighting advancements by attending key industry events such as Global Pouch Forum.

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