Increase Supply Confidence By Substituting Polypropylene with Polyethylene

With the plastic shortages affecting converters, having the ability to use polyethylene as a replacement for polypropylene when supplies are low is critical to a business’ bottom line.

Experience You Can Trust: Shell Polymers Has Decades of Chemical Transport Experience

Shell is far from a new face in the chemical transport space. In fact, the petrochemical arm of Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Chemicals, has been at the forefront of logistics technology for decades. As part of the Royal Dutch Shell network, Shell Polymers and our customers will benefit greatly from Shell Chemicals’ expertise and advanced technology.

Meet Our SIT Yard and the Advantages it Brings

Greater flexibility to meet changing demands and more transparent logistics processes are two requests that we have heard in 1000 hours of interviews with converters. To address those challenges, we are giving you an in-depth look at our Storage In Transit (SIT) yard and the benefits it will bring converters.

The Benefits of Moving On-Site Polymer Testing, Off-Site

Even when planned, downtime for polymer testing and maintenance negatively affects production. Typically, technical teams from a supplier would travel to a converter’s facility and run trials on their lines. To do that, production lines need to be shut down, and that leads to a ripple effect – from production to transport.

How to Tackle New Polyethylene Supply Chain Changes

Now more than ever there is a need for supply chain transparency. Learn how Shell Polymers is listening to the industry to address each one.

The Weather-Proofed Resin Manufacturing Plant That’s Built to Last

The plastics industry can be unpredictable. That’s why we've gone the extra mile to ensure our Monaca plant is prepared for weather events of all kinds.

Leverage Industry 4.0 Today, We’ll Show You How

With the polyethylene market looking to increase 3.4% a year, learn how converters can be more competitive with Industry 4.0 technologies.

Circumvent Polyethylene Supply Disruption with Strategic Suppliers

Supply chain disruptions happen, learn how Shell Polymers is helping to provide a reliable polyethylene supply to converters.

Milestone Moments: Cogen Unit Powers Up the Shell Polymers Plant

With the completion of our cogeneration unit, Shell Polymers is one step closer to starting up production and creating polyethylene.

Converters Navigate Push for Sustainable Plastic Packaging from Brands

Converters can support brands in reaching their goals by providing sustainable packaging alternatives and maintaining eco-friendly operations.

The Plastics Manufacturer Paradox: Where Is All The Talent?

A key hurdle to growth in the plastics industry, and other manufacturing professions, is the lack of qualified labor.

Milestone Moments: Technicians Prepare to Support Production in Central Maintenance Building

Maintenance is vital to keeping our state-of-the-art polyethylene plant running at peak performance. Read more about how the maintenance team is preparing to settle into their new home away from home.

Milestone Moments: New Administration Building Provides a “Permanent Home” for Shell Polymers

Seen as the first step in the plant’s start-up, the administration building is where the majority of the Shell Polymers staff will operate and maintain the new plant.

What a Post-COVID Plastics Industry May Look Like

The pandemic has shifted the conversation around the plastics. Learn how COVID-19 has pushed to digitalize the plastics industry.

Chemical Recycling Helps Combat Plastic Waste

Shell collaborates with companies that collect and transform plastic waste to turn it into valuable chemicals needed for our customers to produce everyday items.

How Polyethylene Plays a Role in Multigenerational Homes

Plastics innovation has drastically increased as companies race to create more effective and easy-to-produce pandemic protection. Innovations like these will help consumers continue to live comfortably in homes that house grandparents, parents, and children alike.

Milestone Moments: Raw Water Treatment Plant is Up and Running

Another milestone moment in plant construction, the raw water treatment plant is now fully functional, putting Shell Polymers one step closer to producing polyethylene in Beaver County.

Consumer Preferences Dictate the Future of Plastic Food Packaging


With recent shifts in the food and beverage industry, plastics converters need to find creative ways to support brands that want to meet consumer demands.

Polyethylene Resin Manufacturers Team Up to Put Pellets In Their Place

Global initiatives such as Operation Clean Sweep are mobilizing resin manufacturers, plastics converters, and carriers to commit to achieving zero pellet loss from operational and logistical inefficiencies.

How Converters Can Support a Circular Economy in the Packaging Industry

Plastic's versatility is undeniable, but what if we thought about the material with the expectation it will be recycled or reused?

35 Years of Powering Progress Towards Cleaner Energy Solutions

Learn about Shell’s global academic program focused on energy optimization, collaboration, and innovation.

Blown Film Troubleshooting: Reduce Line Downtime with Expert Tips on Lubricants

Avoid unplanned downtime and the impacts it has on your business by properly using lubricants on blown film lines.

How to Prepare for LLDPE Rotational Molding Operations

Polymer Pioneer, Adriana Velasquez, shares some of the benefits and challenges of rotomolding, as well as a few best practices from her 15+ years of experience in the industry.

Advice for the Next Generation: A Fireside Chat with the Women of Shell Polymers

 Learn what some of the ladies of Shell Polymers would tell their younger selves, as well as some pieces of advice for the next generation of plastic professionals based on their experiences.

A Roadmap to Success: A Fireside Chat with the Women of Shell Polymers

Hear our talented women’s career highlights and challenges and what they learned from those experiences.

The Future of Plastics: A Fireside Chat with the Women of Shell Polymers

Learn from some of our inspirational women’s experiences and be encouraged by their advice for future generations of women in the plastics and technology industry.

What the Winter Storm in Texas Taught Us About Risk Mitigation in Polyethylene Supply Chains

Risk mitigation is critical to building diverse, resilient polyethylene supply chains in the polymer industry.  Discover how winter storms in Texas reinforced the importance of risk mitigation and what our team learned from the experience.

Pipe Extruders Should Look at HDPE as The Future of Utilities Infrastructure

HDPE is rising in popularity for pipes in underground applications. Find out why HDPE is replacing materials like copper, cast or ductile iron, and clay for pipe infrastructures.