Polymer Trends: What's in Store for Polyethylene Pipe in 2020

As part of our mission to provide converters with unrivaled customer experiences, Shell Polymers is committed to keeping a pulse on pipe production trends and highlighting advancements.

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The Future Customer Experience

Title: The Future Customer Experience

Duration: 31 seconds


A short video introducing the Shell Polymers future customer experience.

The Future Customer Experience Transcript

TEXT: This is Michael.

[Man walks on camera, holding a cup of coffee]

TEXT: He is a Director of Purchasing at Striver Molding where he is responsible for:

[Man looks to side, graphics appear representing his responsibilities at work]

TEXT: He’s pretty much the man, but dealing with suppliers can sometimes be… challenging.

[3d graphics pop up around man, showing factories and railroad tracks]

TEXT: That’s why Shell Polymers is reinventing the experience with a customer-centric model.

[Camera zooms out and man raises up on a graphic column with the Shell Polymers logo]

TEXT: So Michael can focus on what’s most important. Growth.