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Do Economy lubricants save you money?

These tops tips are brought to you as part of our spotlight on Shell Experts series. Learn how to get the best performance from your machines, equipment, and business.

10 Ways to reduce machine downtime

It is possible to eliminate 92% of machine breakdowns by adopting some simple tactics, including using the right lubricant in the right place and using the right technique. These are our top 10 tips for reducing machine downtime.

Tips to achieve lubrication excellence

Machinery is becoming more advanced and lubricants are changing to meet the new challenges. Keeping abreast of these changes is just one of the tactics that will set you on the path to lubrication excellence.

The Effect of Temperature on Lubricant Viscosity

An understanding of all the different impacts of temperature is necessary to help maximize the life of lubricants and prevent equipment failures. Read this article to learn more.

Your regular lubricant storage checklist

For many machines, excluding contamination is the only way you can keep them running properly. Regular monitoring guarantees your liquids will do the job they should for as long as they can.

The future of technology and automation

What will your business look like in 25 years?

The benefits of predictive maintenance

This article unpacks the effects of machine self-diagnosis

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