Force For Good - Jacksonville, USA

Title: St Vincent’s Mobile Healthcare

Duration: 1:30 minutes


Shell wholesaler Aubrey Edge partnered with St. Vincent’s Mobile Healthcare to provide meaningful healthcare for children and families.

St Vincent’s Mobile Healthcare Transcript

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Creating Better Futures In Our Communities

Aubrey Edge: One of the greatest benefits in giving is really that you get more than you give, and soon as we heard about the St. Vincent’s Mobile Healthcare Units and the mission that they had, we immediately wanted to join. Their plan was to go to underprivileged children and their families and provide meaningful healthcare where none existed today.

Sara Rowe: Jacksonville is such a huge city, we have folks that move in from surrounding small towns, we have folks that move in internationally, and most of these families as they transition don’t have insurance, and there’s nowhere else in the city to go for free healthcare.

Uncredited Female: The St. Vincent’s Mobile Van helps lower income families who may not be able to afford insurance or afford that doctor’s bill by giving children and adults those medical check-ups, physicals, and immunizations that are so costly.

Jane Lanier: Aubrey Edge, the President and CEO of Daily’s, has really embraced our community. The partnership between Daily’s and Shell and St. Vincent’s has strengthened our communities in North Florida.

Aubrey Edge: My name is Aubrey Edge, and together, we are a force for good.

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Together we are a force for good

  1. Shell is committed to being a Force for Good by creating strong relationships with partners and customers to bring positive change in local communities. We are constantly exploring what matter most to our customers, and want to highlight the good our Shell Wholesalers are doing in the communities in which they live and operate. TOGETHER, we are a Force for Good.
Shell is a Force for Good

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