As middle school teachers, you play a key role in shaping and energizing the future of your students by teaching and helping them explore their interests – which may very well lead to their future jobs. Shell is pleased to provide you with energy curriculum for your classroom. 

All lesson plans include a teacher’s guide and a corresponding lesson printable in a downloadable PDF format. Each teacher’s guide has detailed instructions, materials required, Next Generation Science Standards and additional resource links for the topic. The NGSS were used to set the expectations for what students should know and be able to do at the conclusion of each activity. For more information regarding the NGSS, please visit

Energy Basics

Energy Basics

What is Energy?

In this lesson, students will be introduced to energy and the difference between kinetic and potential energy.

What is Energy Teacher’s Guide

Renewable Sources of Energy

Students will be introduced to various renewable sources of energy: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass and Hydropower.

Renewable Sources of Energy Teacher’s Guide 

Energy in Motion Photos

Energy Around the World

Energy is used differently around the world. Explore countries around the world and educate your students about energy resources that vary depend upon climate, natural resources, industrialization, economic status and culture.

Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Workforce

New educator resources to explore careers with your students that pair with project-based learning curriculum. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy Through the Ages

Teach students how energy was used in the past and see how much energy today’s popular appliances use. Students will determine the energy required to run various appliances.

Energy Through the Ages Middle School Teacher's Guide

Lesson Printable: Energy Through the Ages

Energy Tomorrow

Mount Storn wind farm

Dear Energy Expert

Introduce two energy sources: solar power and hydrogen fuel. Students will read about solar power and hydrogen fuel as energy resources.

Dear Energy Expert Middle School Teacher's Guide

Lesson Printable: Dear Energy Expert

Energy Supply vs. Demand

Introduce students to energy supply and demand. Students will brainstorm solutions to meeting growing energy demand while considering the environmental and economic implications and the benefits and trade-offs of one possible solution.

Energy Supply vs. Demand Middle School Teacher's Guide

Lesson Printable: Energy Supply vs. Demand

What’s Up With The Wind?

Introduce students to renewable energy sources. Students will compare four different types of energy and go in-depth on wind power.

What’s Up With the Wind Middle School Teacher's Guide

Lesson Printable: What’s Up With the Wind

Witnessing Wind: Construct a Turbine 

Students will be introduced to wind power as an alternative energy source and understand how a turbine’s design and wind speed affect how electricity is produced. Students will build and test their own wind turbines.

Witnessing Wind: Construct a Turbine Middle School Teacher's Guide

Lesson Printable: Witnessing Wind: Construct a Turbine

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