Shell partners with leading organizations that are aligned with our USA sponsorship and social investment strategy and who have proven track records for:

  • Improving economic and social justice outcomes for undercapitalized communities 
  • Promoting diversity, equitable and inclusive outcomes for our employees, business partners and community members 
  • Supporting safe and healthy environments and promote better health outcomes

This strategy ensures that we have planned, strategic initiatives that will achieve certain social, environmental and diversity, equity and inclusion impacts either nationally or in regions where Shell has a large local presence.

Shell USA does not accept unsolicited funding requests for sponsorships, donations or social investment and will not accept or fund ad hoc requests via email, phone, social media, or mail. Organizations must be invited to submit a formal funding request by Shell. If you do not have a Shell contact, this outreach would be considered an unsolicited request, which we do not support.

Shell prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, citizenship, genetic information, or other protected status under federal, state or local laws.

More in Sustainability


Over the past 100 years, Shell has continued to help preserve and protect our communities through conservation projects and initiatives.

Diversity Advocacy

Shell diversity advocacy programs reach into communities and help develop the talents and the mindset that individuals and businesses need to work their way into Shell’s future.

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