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Achieving sustainability without sacrificing business performance


Reaching Full Power with Biodegradables

Innovation in biodegradable lubricants is translating to high-performing products suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

National Lubricant Container Recycling Coalition Announces Atlanta Lubricant Container Recycling Pilot

Shell joins an industry-first collaborative recycling pilot program that focuses on consumer plastic packaging for engine oil and other petroleum-based products.

Five Things to Know about Lubricants Sustainability

What could you save by improving the efficiency and reliability of your lubricants?

Sustainability FAQs

Answering some of the frequently asked questions about lubricants and sustainability.

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What Sustainability Means at Shell

Learn more about what sustainability at Shell means – providing more and cleaner energy solutions for people in a responsible way.

Nature-Based Solutions

Explore how Shell is investing in nature as part of its ambition to become a net-zero energy business.