Even if a fleet is not ready to fully embrace electrification, the time to start thinking about the future is here. Transitioning fleets to electric vehicles (EVs) often comes with concerns and questions about its impact on operations, costs, and more. Building the fleet of tomorrow requires a shift in mindset today.

Thankfully, the technology needed for fleets to take the leap is now readily available.

Shell Fleet Solutions works with fleets class 1–6 to provide a wide range of charging hub technology options and resources, while providing the industry expertise to help operators improve efficiency and tap into greater sustainability.

Electrification of fleets and implementation of charging hubs comes with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)*
  • Help achieve decarbonization targets
  • Help meet regulations
  • Gain a competitive advantage by offering customers sustainable services
  • Maintain access to low- and zero-emission zones

Discover how fleet charging hubs work, how fleet charging solutions enhance a fleet’s electrification strategy, the importance of energy management and 10 questions all fleet operators should ask about their charging infrastructure strategy.

Find out more in our latest paper.

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* McKinsey Sustainability, 2020. ‘Charging electric-vehicle fleets: How to seize the emerging opportunity’ (estimates based on urban and regional use cases for commercial fleet vehicles)

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