Force For Good - Cleveland, USA

Title: Truckers Against Trafficking

Duration: 1:30 minutes


Shell wholesaler Barry Richards partnered with Truckers Against Trafficking to put an end to human trafficking on America’s highways.

Truckers Against Trafficking Transcript

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Creating Better Futures In Our Communities

Barry Richards: I received a call one day from a driver that was absolutely hysterical. He said you’ve got to do something a van just pulled in here and unloaded a bunch of people they’re going door to door using their kids. And you could hear him choking up. These people are preying on our children and it’s just a horrible scenario. I just felt like I couldn’t sit around and watch that happen.

Tom Liutkus: We joined Truckers Against Trafficking because once you learn about this crime you realize how just heinous it is against the most vulnerable.

Debbie Shelton: We have a training course that we offer to all new hires on day 1 that goes through human trafficking awareness as well as what steps to take should they think that might be going on in one of our facilities.

Barry Richards: There is a course on human trafficking. How to recognize people who may be in distress. How to recognize various activity or even a setup for that kind of activity. Who to report to and what to do about it.

Debbie Shelton: That awareness training empowers all of our employees. I’m a mother of two and I think that if my children were out there, I would want somebody to make that call because just that one phone call can make a difference.

Barry Richards: To see people that are getting onboard and supporting our organization in such a large way that’s kind of when you really know that you’ve done something. My name is Barry Richards and together, we’re a force for good.

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Together we are a force for good

  1. Shell is committed to being a Force for Good by creating strong relationships with partners and customers to bring positive change in local communities. We are constantly exploring what matter most to our customers, and want to highlight the good our Shell Wholesalers are doing in the communities in which they live and operate. TOGETHER, we are a Force for Good.
Shell is a Force for Good

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