What is RNG?

What is RNG?

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is a low-to negative-carbon natural gas produced from a number of sources including livestock waste, landfills, wastewater sludge, food waste and other organic waste operations.

RNG can be used for electricity generation, heating, cooking, bioplastics and vehicle fuel. Renewable natural gas is essential for the growth of lower carbon fuel markets and to help reduce the impact of organic waste.

How it works: converting waste into energy

Find out below how organic waste can be converted into energy used in our everyday lives.

Path to net zero

Continuing innovation

Shell has been researching biofuels including R-CNG for decades, establishing them as mature, viable energy sources. We have developed technology and infrastructure, supply lines and distribution, so we can continue to meet the energy needs of our customers today and in the future.

Reducing carbon footprint

R-CNG plays an important role in our global sustainability strategy. Shell plans to achieve its target to be a Net Zero Emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society. This target covers emissions from our operations and emissions from the use of all the energy products we sell. R-CNG is cleaner-burning than traditional fuel sources, and can reduce carbon emissions in road transport vehicles by between 33% and 300% compared to traditional fuels on a well-to-wheel basis.

Ongoing collaboration

Every day, we work with our customers and suppliers to provide guidance and technology to help them reduce emissions and improve their overall sustainability. We are helping hauliers convert their trucks from traditional fuels to R-CNG with our 30|30|30 incentive program, and we are working with farmers to convert their animal waste into supplemental revenue.

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R-CNG as a fuel for transportation

RNG can be used in the form of compressed natural gas (R-CNG) to fuel vehicles, reducing CO2 emissions from around 50%-100% compared to fossil fuels.

Key benefits of R-CNG

Shell’s renewable compressed natural gas (R-CNG) is a low or negative carbon natural gas transportation fuel derived from organic waste. Reducing carbon emissions alongside other benefits.

Opportunities for feedstock suppliers

Financial stability is critical for the future of farming. Diverse revenue streams from the production of RNG can help support associated farm costs.