Your one-stop shop for fleet charging – Power your EV fleet with end-to-end charging solutions

As businesses face growing pressure to decarbonize, fleets need reliable and cost-effective electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to power their operations. Shell Recharge makes it easy for fleets of all types to accelerate their EV transition with a complete end-to-end charging solution.

What is fleet charging?

Fleet charging is the process of charging plug in hybrid or battery electric vehicle fleets at the operator’s private hub or depot location. Typically, this is done where the vehicles are parked overnight.

See how our extensive in-house capabilities give your fleet a one-stop shop for fleet charging customized to your needs.​​​

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Supporting your EV fleet is about more than installing a few charging stations

A customized solution designed just for your fleet

To power your vehicle operations and drive performance, you also need:

  • Solution design built around your location and needs
  • Hardware that’s an optimal fit for your operations
  • Software to manage your charging infrastructure at scale
  • Monitoring and maintenance services that drive efficiency
  • Energy management that provides reliability and cost savings

Shell Recharge is your one-stop shop for creating a customized solution that takes care of all these factors for you.

How Shell Recharge can help your fleets

As fleet electrification continues at pace, you – and your drivers – need to know that your EVs won’t let you down when it matters most.

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Delivery fleets

For fleets focused on transporting goods, vehicle uptime is critical. Get the right charging infrastructure to keep your vehicles powered and your operations running smoothly with fleet charging from Shell Recharge.

Operational fleets

Transporting workers from one job site to another without delay means maximizing vehicle performance and reliability. Fleet charging gets your people where they need to go while helping to decarbonize your fleet.

Shell Sky™ charging software includes:

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    Peak load management:

    Manage your charging load by using default operating modes during communication downtimes. Utilize high-speed local energy management for sites with limited utility capacity and unpredictable site loads.

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    Proactive alerts:

    Set up tailored alerts to proactively monitor the performance of your EV charging infrastructure and help increase charging station uptime.

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    Smart charging:

    Get real-time optimization of operating schedule and energy management goals. Reduce charging cost through time-of-use (TOU) energy and peak demand charge savings, and prioritize vehicle departure times.

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    Network activity dashboard:

    Check summary statistics for network in a user-friendly dashboard, including total sessions provided, total energy consumed, and duration of sessions.

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    Advanced analytics and reporting:

    Access, create and download reports on charging sessions, revenue earned, energy delivered, and carbon reports.

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    Operations summary:

    Monitor the network uptime, download historic charge point status data and faults.

Why choose Shell Recharge?

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Charging ecosystem

We offer a one-stop shop that covers all business EV charging needs including hardware, smart charging services, installation and maintenance. We provide scalable solutions that can grow in line with charging needs and integrate with other energy infrastructure such as on-site energy generation.

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High performing hardware

Our rigorous validation process provides choice of the highest performing open-standards-based hardware on the market

  • Maximum output power: up to 22kW for AC chargers
  • AC and DC chargers with a range of speed options
  • DC voltage output: 50-350 kW
  • Installation type: wall or pole mounted
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Best in class Software

Our enterprise grade Shell Sky software makes managing your EV charging network easy and secure. We developed smart EV charging solutions that empower our customers to manage their charging infrastructure and optimize the charging operations for their fleet of vehicles.

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Certified safety

We maintain high industry standards. Our approach to customer solutions and the processes we execute is based on high safety and security standards.

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Operational excellence

Operational excellence is core to our business and built into each of our standardized processes. Via 
Shell Recharge, we have 10 years’ experience in enabling the growth of EV charging infrastructure; consistently scaling our ambitions to ensure your infrastructure is ready for the needs of today and the future. Our processes are built and executed with you, your experience, and the experience of your 
drivers top of mind.

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Power your hybrid or EV fleet at Shell stations

Use our interactive map to find Shell stations on your route that offer EV charging that can help keep your fleet running.


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