What is Supplier Diversity?

What Does Supplier Diversity Mean at Shell?

For Shell, Supplier Diversity means working to make the profile of our supply chain reflect the profile of the communities in which we live and work, and encouraging these businesses to grow into the kind of suppliers Shell will need to meet the energy needs of the future. Our energy goals for the future require the best resources we can gather from a broad spectrum of innovative, service-oriented businesses. Many of these businesses are owned by members of minority groups and by women.  

“Shell firmly believes in getting involved in the communities where we live and work. That means rolling up our sleeves and doing what it takes to improve the lives of others through our volunteer efforts, financial support and the strong partnerships we foster with organizations and individuals throughout the community.”

Marvin Odum, President of Shell Oil Company

A Priority

Creating a diverse supply chain has been a priority at Shell

A Note from Debra Clark Stewart, Director, Supplier Diversity, Workforce Development and Community Outreach

Creating a diverse supply chain has been a priority at Shell since the earliest days of corporate supplier diversity. The energy industry, as a major force in our economy, must continually challenge itself to stay on the cutting edge - creating dynamic new approaches that actually result in real opportunities and a higher level of diversity success. Shell has accepted the challenge and our new diversity strategy is 100% focused on results.
The energy industry, and corporations overall, must improve at helping suppliers find their fit within the supply chain:

  • When we work with suppliers who meet our criteria, we must be more proactive, more focused on opportunities that really exist and helping suppliers navigate the procurement process.
  • We must be more clear and direct about our priorities and real opportunities so suppliers can decide where to focus their energy and resources.
  • We must take a more integrated approach with our prime suppliers to make sure we are on the same page in terms of working with diverse suppliers.
  • We need to have a stronger capacity building approach and structure it as a long term investment, helping smaller M/WBEs find the resources and giving them time to grow into substantial suppliers.
  • We will be more focused on transparency and accountability for us and all our partners, prime suppliers and M/WBEs.
  • We will support our prime suppliers in achieving accountability and transparency in working toward their diversity goals.
  • We support and challenge our advocacy partners to work with more collaboration to create approaches across organizations that help small, minority and woman-owned businesses succeed.
  • We need M/WBEs to become laser focused on finding their fit. While we will be constantly refreshing our resources to help them with that search, we will expect them to be self-directed and diligent in creating and articulating value for Shell.

It is something of a paradigm shift, moving away from a more traditional supplier diversity model into a more proactive, transparent, and frankly, demanding approach. This website will be a primary outlet for information and tools to keep us all on the same path. We know we're asking a lot of all the players. Shell is up to the challenge. Are you?

Best regards,
Debra Clark Stewart


Meet the Team

Meet the U.S. Supplier Diversity Team

Supplier Diversity, Workforce Development and Community Outreach.

  • Debra Clark Stewart- Director, Supplier Diversity, Workforce Development & Diversity Outreach
  • Brian K. Hall - Specialist, Supplier Diversity & Outreach, Small Business Liason Officer
  • Donovan Casanave - Supplier Diversity and Diversity Outreach Support Service Specialist
  • Damean Townsend - Supplier Diversity, Diversity Outreach, Marketing Analyst
  • Alyssa Homes-Henderson - Coordinator, Supplier Diversity and Diversity Outreach

Working with Shell

If you see yourself as a future supplier for the energy industry, keep in mind that Shell is a multinational company. It is critical that you carefully prepare yourself for the level of responsibility working for Shell entails. Get the information that will help you see your potential here.

Valuable Resources

There are so many places to look for the latest information on the energy industry and on diversity and its role in the industry. The information in this section can be a great starting point.

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