What is Supplier Diversity?

What Does Supplier Diversity Mean at Shell?

For Shell, Supplier Diversity means working to make the profile of our supply chain reflect the profile of the communities in which we live and work and supporting programs that help diverse businesses grow into the kind of suppliers Shell will need to meet the energy needs of the future. Our energy goals for the future require the best resources we can gather from a broad spectrum of innovative, service-oriented businesses. Many of these businesses are minority-owned, woman-owned, veteran-owned or service-disabled veteran-owned, LGBT-owned, disability-owned, historically underutilized business (HUBs), and SBA defined small business enterprises (SBEs).

A Priority

A Message from Ana Moreno Kopf Manager, Supplier Diversity and Diversity Advocacy

The world of supplier diversity is evolving from a simple program of registration and search into a complex advocacy program. Diverse supplier inclusion is a priority with Shell and we are leading the way into the future of inclusion with actionable information and training and leadership-backed inclusion goals.

Shell is focused on the supply chain of the future, a supply chain that will reflect the make-up of our communities, provide jobs to boost the economies of those communities, and create innovative solutions to meet the growing world energy demand.

We have challenges ahead, but we have the will from Shell business units and the support of our leadership to accomplish our most ambitious goals. The Shell diversity team has worked hard to build a coalition of purchasing professionals and business unit leaders to make inclusion a priority. We continue to leverage the strong relationships we have with partner diversity organizations to develop the kind of training and engagements that make a noticeable impact on the composition of our supply chain.

From working with Shell business units to find companies ready for their contract opportunities, to bringing buyers with actual contract possibilities to engagments, supplying speakers with actionable messages for workshops, and developing and supporting innovative major training initiatives … we are creating opportunities to help our diverse suppliers achieve their growth potential.

Your success is our success,
Ana Moreno Kopf

Meet the Team

Meet the U.S. Supplier Diversity Team

Supplier Diversity and Diversity Advocacy

  • Ana Moreno Kopf, Manager Supplier Diversity & Diversity Advocacy
  • Brian K. Hall, Supplier Diversity & Diversity Advocacy Advisor and Small Business Liaison Officer
  • Donovan Casanave, Supplier Diversity & Diversity Advocacy Advisor
  • Damean Townsend, Supplier Diversity & Diversity Advocacy Analyst
  • Alyssa Homes-Henderson, Supplier Diversity & Diversity Advocacy Coordinator

Working with Shell

If you see yourself as a future supplier for the energy industry, keep in mind that Shell is a multinational company. It is critical that you carefully prepare yourself for the level of responsibility working for Shell entails. Get the information that will help you see your potential here.

Valuable Resources

There are so many places to look for the latest information on the energy industry and on diversity and its role in the industry. The information in this section can be a great starting point.

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