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Collaboration Brings More Hydrogen Stations

Shell currently operates two hydrogen refueling stations in California, located in Newport Beach and Torrance. Additionally, in collaboration with Honda and Toyota, Shell is bringing seven new hydrogen refueling stations to the state; three in the city of San Francisco, and one in each of Berkeley, Sacramento, Citrus Heights and Walnut Creek. The hydrogen refueling stations will be installed in strategic locations within the existing network of Shell-branded retail stations, offering existing and future fuel cell electric vehicle drivers high-quality service with simple and straightforward car refueling in minutes. 

Hydrogen for Heavy Duty Transport

For heavy-duty transport, Shell is working to develop hydrogen-truck refueling stations in California at the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles.

Shell and Toyota are developing the first hydrogen-truck refueling station at the Port of Long Beach. Shell and Toyota expect the facility to encourage the use of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks in and around Long Beach, one of the world’s largest freight hubs. Shell will build, own and operate a hydrogen station at the Toyota Logistics Services location at the Port of Long Beach, fueling Toyota’s Project Portal heavy-duty fuel cell proof of concept truck and public fleets. Shell will source its hydrogen from Toyota’s adjacent Tri-Gen facility, which produces hydrogen from 100 percent renewable biogas.

Honda and Toyota working with Shell

At the Port of Los Angeles, Shell, Toyota and Kenworth are collaborating with the port to develop a fuel-cell-electric technology network for freight transport to move goods from “Shore to Store.” The project provides a large-scale “shore to store” plan and a hydrogen fuel-cell-electric technology framework for freight facilities to structure operations for future goods movement. The initiative will help reduce emissions by 465 metric tons of Greenhouse Gas and 0.72 weighted tons of NOx, ROG and PM10. Two new large capacity heavy-duty hydrogen fueling stations will be developed by Shell in Wilmington and Ontario, California. The new stations will join three additional stations located at Toyota facilities around Los Angeles to form an integrated, five-station heavy-duty hydrogen fueling network.

Together, they will provide multiple sources of hydrogen throughout the region, including over 1 ton of 100 percent renewable hydrogen per day at the heavy-duty station to be operated by Shell, enabling zero-emissions freight transport. The stations will be supplied by Air Liquide at Toyota Logistics Services in Long Beach and the Toyota Technical Center in Gardena will serve as an important research and development location.

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