Phone Numbers and Address

Physical Address
Shell Norco Manufacturing Complex
15536 River Road
Norco, LA 70079
504 465 7111

Mailing Address
Post Office Box 10
Norco, LA 70079

Community Information Line

Community Grievance Line

Notification Service

The Norco Manufacturing Complex has an alert and notification service that enables us to:

  • Communicate important events and urgent situations.
  • Send calls to your home, work or cell phones, as well as messages via email and text.
  • Keep you informed and up-to-date on issues that matter to the community.

To ensure that you receive important notifications, it’s essential that the Norco Manufacturing Complex has your telephone number(s) and e-mail address(es).

Click the “Sign Me Up” link and register your contact information.

We know your personal information is important, we will not share it with anyone.

  • If you do not have internet access, call (504) 465-6667 to sign up.
  • When a call comes from NMC, your caller ID will display (504) 465-6667.

In addition to the Norco Manufacturing Complex alert service, you can now find updates about NMC activities on Facebook.

  • Go to and search for Norco Manufacturing Complex.
  • Select “Like” to make us part of your newsfeed.
  • If you need help signing up for our alert service or Facebook please call (504) 465-6667.

The Norco Manufacturing Complex is honored to be a part of the community and we believe our commitment to connecting you to the latest NMC news will help us keep you safe and informed. We look forward to staying connected with you!

Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Program

Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Program

The Shell Norco Manufacturing Complex conducts bi-weekly passive sampling along the facility property boundary for the target analyte of benzene. The passive samples are collected and analyzed in accordance with Methods 325A and 325B of Appendix A to 40 CFR Part 63.

Shell NORCO Benzene Monitoring