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Shell Refillable Card

Our refillable card brings you peace of mind with style.

Drivers, meet my shell bucks.


  • Load up to $300 in value instantly online 
  • Control and manage spending 
  • Instant access to funds by the cardholder

Many Uses

  • College and high school drivers 
  • Refillable online
  • Budgeting fuel purchases

Terms and Conditions

Only Shell Cards that read “My Shell Bucks” can have value added to them. My Shell Bucks Refillable Cards can only be refilled online. The maximum load amount or balance on the My Shell Bucks Refillable Card is $300. Only Visa, MasterCard, and Diner’s Club credit cards can be used to refill the My Shell Bucks Refillable Card. 

You may refill your card once within a 24 hour period and up to two times within a 7 day period. If you wish to review your My Shell Bucks Refillable Card history please call 1.800.300.8113 and listen to the prompts for refillable card history. When checking your balance, ordering, or refilling your card, please verify your card type with the card photo featured on the Balance Page screen.

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Help manage your family budget with the Shell Refillable Card. Choose your style and amount, and go!