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All student activities and teacher's guides open as a downloadable PDF in a new window. Each guide consists of national standards, detailed instructions, materials needed, and activity answers.

Energy efficiency

Energy Through the Ages

Students determine the energy required to run various appliances

Get Smart! | Teacher's Guide

Students will draw logical conclusion about how their driving behaviors impact fuel efficiency and “smarter mobility,” based on a series of challenges.

Personal Energy Audit

Students will calculate and analyze their environmental footprint.

Which Biomass is Best?

Students will be introduced to what biofuels are, how biomass is used for electricity, how ethanol and biodiesel are made, and the related economic and environmental benefits and tradeoffs.

Calculating the Cost

Students learn about factors to consider when selecting a car.

Energy today

What’s Your Energy Knowledge?

Assess student’s current level of energy knowledge and increase their awareness of energy sources.

Energy Facts Crossword

Assess students overall energy knowledge.

Fractions Sudoku

Students learn about fractional distillation as they solve the puzzle.

From the Source to the Pump

Students learn about transporting oil.

Paying at the Pump

Students will learn some of the components involved in gas prices and use this knowledge to complete the worksheet.

The Fracking Debate | Teacher's Guide

Students will identify and weigh the economic, environmental, and political benefits and trade-offs of hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking).

Stranded Natural Gas?

Students will examine the role of natural gas in several everyday products they use.

Energy tomorrow

What’s up with Wind?

Students learn about renewable energy sources.

Dear Energy Expert

Students learn about two different energy forms: solar power and hydrogen fuel.

Witnessing Wind: Construct a Turbine

Introduce students to wind power as an alternative energy source and understand how a turbine’s design and wind speed affect how much electricity is produced.

Natural Gas in the Mix | Teacher's Guide

Learn about the benefits and trade-offs of natural gas and make recommendations for the role of natural gas in the energy mix.

Meeting Future Energy Needs

Students will analyze global energy facts and statistics to help them answer the question, “How can we meet our future energy needs?”

Energy Supply vs. Demand | Teacher's Guide

Students will understand the definitions of supply and demand.

Additional activities and Curriculum

Fossil Fuels to Products

Students learn about exploration, production, refining, chemical manufacturing, transportation, marketing, and uses of petroleum, natural gas, and their products in the industrial sector, with background information and hands-on activities.

More in Sustainability

Career Awareness Speakers

Shell's expert speakers can spark excitement and bring life to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

What is STEM?

Almost everything about our world—all the things we do, touch and know—stems from science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). 

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