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Before you approach any company the size of the energy majors, including Shell, for business opportunities – Do Your Homework. Be a subject matter expert to the extent that you can talk in specifics about how your product or service can fill an important need, or improve efficiency, or help meet our environmental standards. Be ready to tell us where you fit and what you have to offer to improve our business.

1. Be business ready.

  • Clarify your value proposition and be ready to say, in a few sentences, why it matters to the energy industry.
  • Talk about your capabilities in terms of experience. Be prepared to share your relevant successes.
  • Investigate second tier & strategic partnerships. Don’t discount the concept of working your way in. Many of our success stories are about easing your way into situations where you can demonstrate capabilities.

2. Get certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)Veteran-Owned Business (VOB), or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender-Owned Business Enterprise (LGBTBE).

3. Understand the oil & gas supply chain.

4. Find your fit. Be specific about how your service or product would benefit business unit(s) you are able to identify.

5. Anticipate Shell needs in your sector. Stay up-to-date on the energy industry and changes on the horizon. Do the research about what you have vs. what Shell, or another oil & gas company, will need and how industry trends will impact your value.

6. Innovate solutions. Visualize emerging issues and how your company can provide a solution. Get ahead of the problem with a solution that provides value to your prospective client.

7. Read the Shell Supplier Diversity Policy.

Industry Overview

Shell Supplier Diversity Opportunities Anticipate Shell's Needs

In a world of change one fact remains certain, the energy industry is – and will continue to be – one of the strongest drivers of our economy. As more and more people move out of poverty and into a lifestyle with a higher energy use, Shell is developing new resources to help meet the growing energy demand. Energy use worldwide will continue to grow as will the need for innovative solutions for producing clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Future areas of business opportunity:

  • Support operations
  • Ancillary services such as food and housing
  • Environmental impact management
  • Workforce development
  • Advanced extraction technology
  • Logistics innovation
  • Processing efficiency

Shell Supplier Diversity Opportunities Anticipate Shell's Needs

Understanding Shell Business

Typical Purchasing Process

In an industry as complex as the energy industry, it definitely helps to have the big picture. Here is an overview of the Shell and Motiva purchasing process.

Typical Purchasing Process

  1. Procurement Strategy Identified
  2. Source Suppliers (Diversity Input)
  3. RFI/RFP/Estimating Process
  4. Bid Process
  5. Supplier Selected
  6. Contract Awarded
  7. Supplier Set Up & PO In Place
  8. Expediting & Delivery
  9. Supplier Invoice Paid

Shell Diverse Supplier Pipeline Management Process

What Shell Looks For

Shell workers on a refinery site

Shell Supplier Diversity has a mandate to bring qualified, diverse suppliers to our procurement process and help them prepare to be an integral part of our supply chain. Here are the essential attributes that can help us start the process:


Certification as minority-owned, woman-owned, veteran or disabled veteran-owned, LGBT-owned, disability-owned, or Small Business Enterprise is very important to Shell. The certifying partner organizations support the first step in the selection process by ensuring that the diverse businesses we connect with are who they say they are.

Businesses can establish diversity status by receiving one of the following certifications:

Business readiness

Prospective suppliers must be able to demonstrate business acumen to support the responsibility of a large-scale project. They should be prepared to explain how their staff has the depth and experience to successfully deliver consistently exceptional results and meet unexpected challenges.

Impeccable qualifications

Due to the size and scope of the projects which Shell business units typically award, it is critical that the reputation of a prospective supplier within the industry is positive and can be supported by recommendations and past experience.

Financial stability and viability

A thorough financial analysis will be conducted to ensure that any new supplier is not only financially responsible, but has the resources to handle a project the size and scope of the applicable contract under consideration. Obviously, the ability to arrange all appropriate insurance coverages for the contract will be required. 

A Commitment to Safety

At Shell, we put the health and safety of our workers, suppliers, customers and the environment at the top of our agenda. Suppliers must be ready to demonstrate a company culture that is committed to safety with rigorous safety standards in place. It would be difficult to overstate the importance of this requirement.

Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Contractors and suppliers must have a systematic approach to HSSE management, designed to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and to achieve continuous performance improvement.


Energy contractors need to able to demonstrate the capacity, not only to handle the day-to-day requirements of the specific project, but to scale up as needed to fulfill the requirements of the specific project or piece of business.

Relevant successful experience

Whether by successful completion of similar projects, participation in strategic partnerships, or subcontracting, prospective suppliers should be able to demonstrate actual experience within the industry before they can be considered for a major contract with Shell.

Industry Knowledge

We expect our potential suppliers to know the industry. Before soliciting the assistance of Shell’s Supplier Diversity team, business owners and/or representatives should have a clear picture of their value and be able to articulate it in terms of Shell’s actual, very specific business needs.

Our contractors and suppliers are committed to:

  • Protecting the environment in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Using energy and natural resources efficiently.
  • Continually looking for ways to minimize waste, emissions and discharge in the execution of their operations, products and services.



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