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Shell expertise was front and center when 7,432 energy professionals recently got together in 24 locations worldwide, including a live forum on the Rice University Campus. Shell was a Presenting Sponsor of the recent HERWorld Energy Forum on International Women’s Day, March 8th.

HERWorld was created by PinkPetro, an organization of professional women in energy founded to foster cooperation and a working network. According to PinkPetro founder and CEO, Katie Mehnert, “Shell has been an important ally since the beginning. They immediately understood the potential of an organization such as ours and were one of the first to sponsor our development. They continue to support our organization with time and resources.”

April Day, President of the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance, praised the event, “We are all here from different aspects of the industry as a collective power in support of Houston’s energy sector. It is very fitting for PinkPetro to hold HERWorld on International Women’s Day with a special panel on how to end the gender gap. Progress starts with us!”

According to Director Supplier Diversity and Diversity Outreach, Debra Clark Stewart, “Forums like this are important because they make women central in the conversations about the future of energy.  The information that Johnna and Jennifer shared can help women in business consider their own future in energy and visualize how they can begin to adapt their products and services to the changes that are on the horizon.”

This year’s forum focused on adapting to a new era in energy, featuring leading energy strategists including Shell’s Johnna Van Keuren, Vice President, New Energies; and Jennifer Layne Welch, Brand Strategy and Stewardship.

In her remarks, Van Keuren emphasized Shell’s continuing challenge to serve the nation and world’s future energy needs, “As the world’s population increases from 7 billion to 9 billion over the next few decades and growing prosperity increases the demand for energy, it is up to us – the energy community – to stay one step ahead. As we speak Shell is exploring biofuels, hydrogen, solar, carbon capture & storage, wind and other low carbon technologies to meet those growing needs.”

For more information about Shell Supplier Diversity, visit us at Shell.US/GetConnected. For information about next year’s HERWorld or Pink Petro go to PinkPetro.com.

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