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When Todd Cohen kicked off the 2017 women's Business National Council (WBENC) Summit with his seminar Building a Sales Culture, his audience of over 100 women entrepreneurs didn't get what they expected – they got a lot more. In fact, they got an entirely new way to look at sales.

According to Shell Manager of Supplier Diversity and Outreach, Brian Hall who opened the seminar, “The energy in that room was phenomenal. It has become tradition for Shell to informally kick-off major WBENC events with programs like this that help WBEs develop skills outside their core competencies. We have had an overwhelming positive response from those who were able to attend this session. I will be hosting a follow-up webinar with some specifics about Shell and Todd will be back with us for the WBENC National Conference this June. I encourage everyone to sign up for that session. It's a paradigm shift in sales culture we all need to make.”

The Shell-sponsored seminar gave them a starting point for making sales a company-wide, shared responsibility and creating a sustainable sales ecosystem. Todd emphasized the point that every interaction creates an impression with the opportunity to help a customer make a positive buying decision – or not. “The first step is making sure everyone knows how you want the company to be seen. When asked What do you do? My wedding photographer father would say, I make people smile. It opened the door to conversation. That's what we all should be doing because conversation is where you figure out what you can do to help that possible customer. It can be the beginning of a real partnership.”

Blanca Robinson, Viva Consulting Group, summed up the response of the group, “Todd Cohen stressed how critical each one is to the selling process within any organization – whether you are the accountant, the sales manager or the receptionist. What you say and HOW you say it can help solidify the interest a prospective client may have in your organization. Wonderful training! Thank you, Shell!”

According to Phala K. Mire, President, Women's Business Enterprise Council-South, “We co-sponsored Todd Cohen’s presentation on sales with Shell because we felt it was a great way to start off the WBENC Summit for WBEs wanting to put their networking and sales skills to use. Todd’s presentation far exceeded our expectations and the response was excellent! We value our partnership with Shell and it continues to grow because they are always looking for ways to help our WBEs grow."

For more information about the upcoming webinar, about Shell specifics, or about the repeat seminar at the WBENC National Conference in Las Vegas this June, please email

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