On March 14th & 15th, Shell is taking over Antone’s in downtown Austin to showcase ways the US can build a net-zero future.

Guests can expect challenging conversations, insightful revelations and an interactive experience that brings them into a potential energy future. There will be engaging content shared all day long, but for information on specific events inside the Shell House have a look at the schedule below. And of course, it wouldn’t be SXSW without good food, drinks and live music.

Shell's Climate Target

Title: US Climate Target Video / SXSW Deliverable 3 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQXEot_vw1E

Duration: 0:36 minutes


An animation of Shell’s objectives and progress with regards to net-zero targets, considering how the company helps support environmental sustainability goals of society.


[Background music plays]

Guitar strumming, upbeat with light piano tones coming in.

[Voice over]

What does net-zero emissions mean?

[Text displays]


[Animated sequence]

Yellow background with a large rectangle in the middle, text displayed in bright yellow with a border of red. A large question mark made up of various simple posters is to the right of the rectangle. The rectangle reduces in size and three new graphic rectangles come into shot around the first rectangle, with pictures on them. The pink and blue person are joined by an orange person sitting at a desk.

[Voice over]

It means change.

[Text displays]


[Animated sequence]

The blue person pulls down the middle white rectangle and it pulls up as a projector screen would, new words appearing.

[Voice over]

It means the world working together to get as close to zero emissions as possible.

[Text displays]

Working together to get as close to zero emissions as possible

[Animated sequence]

The screen swivels showing us what would have been the back of the board; an orange background with three animated screens. The first screen, a tablet, has a grey person with an orange hard hat represented in it, the second screen shows four different animated people (purple, white, brown and yellow) in four separate squares, and the final screen shows a single brown person in a red shirt, smiling. A white box top middle of the screen has text in it. The brown man on the right waves.

[Voice over]

And using technology and nature to address emissions that remain.

[Text displays]

Using technology…

and nature to address emissions that remain

[Animated sequence]

The screen pulls out into a white background with an animated blue and green windmill in the center. A green box along the bottom has white text in it. Lightbulbs appear to the left and right of the windmill, and below them green solar panels pop up too. Blue trees slide in from right to left, pulling in a new slide. The background is orange and a large yellow sun is middle right, with a few white clouds dotted around. A brown woman kneels on the ground, red, black, blue and green leaves around her.  Two tree stumps are to her left and right, and she has a blue bag with leaves popping out of the top. A green box at the bottom of the screen has writing in it.

[Voice over]

Getting to net-zero means change for Shell too. We intend to get there in three ways.

[Animated sequence]

Graphic of a car driving towards the camera, a young man and woman left and right, facing the camera. The car pulls into a neat and tidy Shell Recharge station, Shell logo on the sign to the left and above the roof of the station. A yellow rectangle beneath the image displays text.

[Voice over]

We’re transforming our business to meet our target as society and our customers also change.

[Text displays]

We’re transforming our business to meet our target

as society and our customer also change

[Animated sequence]

The woman climbs out of the car and takes the handle of the ‘gas’ pump, the ‘diesel’ pump beside it. The Shell Recharge sign is in the background as the woman looks amazed at the ‘gas’ pump transforming into a Recharge pump. She smiles at the camera. We watch the car drive away from the Shell Recharge station.

[Voice over]

So, by working together, we can achieve a net-zero emissions world.

[Text displays]

By working together…

we can achieve a net-zero emissions world

[Animated sequence]

Image of the car once more, driving towards camera. Young man and woman left and right, smiling at each other. This image pulls back and is flanked by a number of images including the Shell logo, the graphic of the house with the car beside it, a close-up of a mobile phone, a close up of a Hydrogen pump, some of the signs from earlier on in the video, the windmill with solar panels beside it, the woman kneeling amongst the leaves, the Shell Recharge station, and the people pointing to a projector screen.


Shell brand mnemonic played on keys.


Shell Pecten centered on a white background with text displaying below.

[Text displays]

Shell House @ SXSW 2022




Doors open at 9:00am

9:30 – 10:45am

Wake Up Call: Women in Tech & Innovation 

Please join us for our interactive breakfast club which will bring together women on all rungs of the ladder for networking, conversation, mentorship and professional development opportunities. The event will include a fireside chat, along with hosted tables and activities, and plenty of time for working the room—please come prepared to answer the question “I would love to know…..”. Topics will focus on the intersection of technology and innovation, what differentiated value women can bring to the table, and how women can better support one another inside the workplace and out. Table hosts include women from Greentown Labs, the National Renewable Energy Lab and Shell. 


  • Julie Ferland, VP Innovation Excellence, Shell 
  • Van Truskett, Executive Director, The Texas Innovation Center 
  • Anna Jarman, Lead Innovation and Emerging Technology, Walmart
  • Katie Mehnert, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, ALLY Energy (moderator)

Request an Invitation


11:30 am – 12:15 pm

Rational Middle: Net Zero 101, Dreaming a Reality  

Introducing Rational Middle - an award-winning media company that produces balanced, fact-based films and hosts conversations on complicated issues. After playing the episode “Net Zero 101: Dreaming a Reality”, Producer and Director Gregory Kallenberg will host a conversation with experts on stage that demystifies net zero and dives into topics highlighting the present state of climate change and the road to a net zero energy future.


  • Gregory Kallenberg, Producer and Director, Rational Middle
  • Gretchen Watkins, President, Shell USA, Inc.
  • John Hall, President and CEO, Houston Advanced Research Center

2:30 – 3:15pm

Fireside Chat 

Net Zero is quite the buzzword – but what does it actually mean? Why is 2050 such an important year and how can government, business and society get moving today? What does Shell get out of lowering its carbon emissions, and are they doing enough to make a difference? Get answers to these questions in a fireside chat with Shell’s US President Gretchen Watkins and The Atlantic’s Hayley Romer. Tough conversations welcome.  


  • Gretchen Watkins, President, Shell USA, Inc.
  • Hayley Romer, Chief Revenue Officer, The Atlantic  

4:00 – 4:45pm 

What I Wish I Had Known: The Start-Up’s Tale of Working with Big Companies

Hear from start-ups that have recently taken the next step and are partnering with larger corporations to solve today’s top climate challenges. Speakers will share their best advice, successes and learnings in a TED style presentation followed by a 15-minute audience Q&A.


  • Sidd Gupta, CEO, Nesh 
  • Tim Marx, President of Topl and Venture Partner, Baird Capital 
  • Matt Kleiman, CEO, Cumulus Digital Solutions  
  • Julie Ferland, VP Innovation Excellence, Shell (moderator) 

5:00 – 6:30pm

Energizing Startups: A Mentoring Engagement and Networking Reception 

A closed-door mentoring engagement with invited startups and mentors, providing an opportunity for in-depth conversations and professional community networking. Attendees will have the chance to rotate and speak with up to four different mentors, in 15-minute increments, allowing for learning and meaningful discussion across multiple disciplines. This is a limited seating event. Please apply for a spot!

Request an Invitation

6:30 – 9:00pm

Entrepreneur Networking Reception hosted by Shell Ventures

Shell’s first night reception will connect industry thought leaders with start-ups and up-and-comers to generate leads and provide a relaxing space for attendees to connect. In addition, Shell Ventures, Shell GameChanger, our accelerator partners and third-party investors will be available before and during the reception for informal mentoring “ask me anything” conversations. 

Tuesday, March 15

Doors open at 9:00am

10:00 – 10:45am

What will it take to Decarbonize Aviation? 

Air travel accounts for at least 2% of the world’s carbon emissions.  As we recover and return to travel, it is important that we work towards a sustainable aviation sector. This discussion will help break down what is Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), the infrastructure and financial challenges associated with producing it, as well as innovative and collaborative ways that we can unlock and increase the supply of SAF so that travel can continue to progress while achieving emission targets. 


  • Nicole Sautter, Global Sustainability Risk, Compliance and ESG Lead, American Express GBT
  • Brian Ripsin, Sustainability Manager, Shell Aviation 
  • Scott Lewis, Executive Vice President Commercial Operations & Strategy, World Energy 
  • Joel Makower, Chairman & Co-Founder GreenBiz 

11:00 – 11:45am

Driving the Mobility Station of the Future 

The way all of us get from Point A to Point B is changing rapidly, and on-the-road fueling will evolve as consumers adopt different types of vehicles. Powering more of the cars we drive with alternative fuels will be essential to address demand and consumer desires, as well as combat climate change, and how we power vehicles will impact the consumer experience at the station. Energy leaders and government partners will all explore the future of mobility, the role alternative fuels will play and the near-term and long-term evolution of the retail gas station. Guests can also visit the exhibit on the future of mobility retail to enhance their experience. 


  • Edmond Young, Consultant, Hydrogen Business and Regulatory Planning, Toyota
  • Erin Grossi, Managing Director, Global Innovation & Growth Strategy, Accenture
  • Kimberly Williams, Chief Innovation Officer, The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO)
  • Dani Silva, VP Enterprise Accounts, Shell 

12:00 – 12:45pm

Rational Middle: Electrifying America 

Introducing Rational Middle - an award-winning media company that produces balanced, fact-based films and hosts conversations on complicated issues. After playing the episode “Electrifying America”, Producer and Director Gregory Kallenberg will host a conversation with experts on stage that highlights the need for deep electrification to achieve the net zero future, and the trials and tribulations of achieving this lofty goal. 


  • Gregory Kallenberg, Producer and Director, Rational Middle
  • Glenn Wright, Shell VP Renewables and Energy Solutions 

2:15 – 3:00pm

Net-Zero Heroes: How Entrepreneurs Will Lead the Way in Decarbonization 

The world is changing fast. More than ever – and especially when faced with a global pandemic and the longer-term challenge of climate change – society needs inventors, novel ways of working and people who make a difference. It will take collaboration between industry giants and fast-moving startups to decarbonize the world, but where do they meet? What is the role of entrepreneurship in helping society thrive through the energy transition?    


  • Akilah Leblanc, GM Commercial Partnerships, Shell 
  • Lara Cottingham, Chief of Staff, Greentown Labs 
  • Siddhartha Sachdeva, Founder & CEO, Innowatts 
  • Joel Makower, Co-Founder, GreenBiz 

6:00 – 9:30pm

Shell Reception  

Celebrate SXSW and the end of the Shell House with refreshments, music, and the opportunity to network with anyone you haven’t met during the two-day event.

All Day at Shell House

Interactive Experience: US Path to Net Zero by 2050 

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive experience that displays a journey to net zero by 2050 and how the choices we all make impact this journey. The experience will specifically look at two pieces that nearly everyone can relate to – home & travel – and share tangible examples of how we can change our own behaviors to power progress. 

Ask an Expert

A group of Shell experts will be available to answer questions on a variety of topics including fuels (like hydrogen and biofuels), offsets (like carbon capture or nature based solutions), startups and renewable energy. 

Recharge & Refuel Lounge 

The Shell House will feature the Recharge & Refuel Lounge – a networking and working lounge space for SXSW attendees to use during the conference with power, Wi-Fi, food and beverages and more opportunities to engage with the Shell team and learn more about a potential path to net zero by 2050.