The Shell Marine & Wildlife Habitat Program is a partnership between Shell Oil Company (Shell) and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) that supports conservation of priority habitats and species in the communities where Shell lives and operates. Through this partnership, grants are awarded to support conservation and restoration activities that benefit key species and their habitats across the U.S.

Funding priorities for this program include:

  • Restoring oyster reefs to protect coastal marsh and wetlands, and increasing oyster and associated fish and wildlife populations;
  • Protecting, restoring and creating critical coastal wetland habitat for shorebirds, waterbirds and waterfowl;
  • Monitoring key habitats and implementing priority protection strategies;
  • Conducting applied research in targeted geographies in coastal communities to enhance understanding of important coastal ecosystems and improve management strategies; and
  • Providing information and hands-on restoration opportunities to expand awareness and appreciation for the natural resources of the United States  
  • Since 1998, the partnership has funded 270 projects, supporting the protection, restoration and management of over 155,000 acres of habitat, as well as the improved monitoring and management of key species in coastal ecosystems. Nearly $15.7 million of Shell funds has been invested through the Shell Marine Wildlife and Habitat Program. NFWF has leveraged these non-federal funds with over $5.8 million in federal and non-federal funds, as well as over $57.3 million in grantee match, to generate more than $78.8 million for on-the-ground conservation.

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