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Shell Fleet Navigator Card

Shell Fleet Navigator Card, now you can know more at every turn and save more at every stop.

Shell Fleet Navigator Card can save fleet managers up to 10% on their company’s overall fuel spend.*

The Shell Fleet Navigator Card is revolutionizing the industry by offering improved fleet management and insight, while increasing savings.

All thanks to unprecedented control and customization over the information you receive, as well as over your network and drivers. It delivers the ultimate flexibility to help your fleet drive smarter, and to improve your bottom line.

Acceptance Wherever You Want It

With 14,500 Shell stations nationwide, we offer the largest footprint of any oil company in the country. And you can define your own network from any Shell or non-Shell fuel station in the U.S. This allows you to better manage routes while maximizing efficiency and optimizing fleet behaviors.

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I have been using the Shell Fleet Navigator Card for a while now, and it’s the best Fuel card company I have used in my career. I have been supervising fuel accounts for over 15 years and this Shell product is by far the best I have used. The customer service their sales and support team have given me both during and after implementation are top notch. I would recommend to any large company that they should take a hard look at their current provider and see if they can compete with Shell.

Joseph Conley, District Chief, Northeast Mobile Health Services

Savings You Can See Immediately

Start saving by combining the ability to enforce your company policies with the access offered by the nation’s largest fuel network. You can quickly make a significant reduction in out-of-policy expenditures.  

You’ll also receive a 20% discount on most services at participating Jiffy Lube® Service Centers and have access to our unique Fuel Rewards Network™, which delivers valuable benefits at participating Shell stations.

Add the opportunity to identify further savings through advice from your Shell Relationship Manager, and it’s easy to see how the Shell Fleet Navigator Card can put your fleet program well ahead of the game.

Customizable Driver Controls and Reporting

Shell Fleet Navigator

Customized reporting allows you to build reports to meet your specific needs. And advanced acceptance controls give you the ability to limit card use by the parameters most important to you.

Whether it’s by merchant, day, time or even site level, the Shell Fleet Navigator Card ensures your drivers’ compliance with company policies. All of which can be managed online or by phone, and is supported by Shell Relationship Managers who are available to drivers and managers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A Recognized Expert in the Industry

A Recognized Expert in the Industry

A Recognized Expert in the Industry

As one of the largest fuel card providers in the world, we deliver 50 years of experience and insight to benefit your business.

This unique background means we understand fuel expenses and issues better than anyone else, so you can implement the best possible program to meet your needs.

Plus, your Shell Relationship Manager will partner with you to tailor solutions that drive unique savings and help you exceed your goals.

*The up to 10% savings statement is based on a combination of a reduction in unauthorized purchases, fuel rebates, improved driver efficiencies, and administrative reduction costs. Actual savings will vary by customer, based upon specific fleet details and current fleet management practices.


From the regulations in many different countries to regulating your many different drivers, managing a global fleet can be extremely challenging. At Shell, we are an international fuel and oil company. Which means we understand the industry and have the global tools, expertise and experience to help your fleet succeed.

Our capabilities go well beyond the U.S. With different fleet card programs in many countries, Shell helps ensure - whether your drivers are a half-mile away or halfway around the globe - the control of your fleet will always rest in the palm of your hands.