Start to earn savings on Shell Fuels, when you use the Shell Platinum Select Mastercard for your everyday expenses, anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Simply make $500 or more of qualifying purchases within a billing cycle, and the following billing cycle you will earn a credit of 10¢/gallon or more on the first 100 gallons of Shell Fuel purchased using your Shell Platinum Select Mastercard.

The amount of your credit is based upon the total amount of qualifying purchases as shown below:

Total Qualifying Purchases in Billing Cycle* Per Gallon Credit Next Billing Cycle*
$500.00 - $999.99 10¢
$1,000-$2,499.99 15¢
More than $2,499.99 20¢

*You must make at least $500 in qualifying purchases in a billing cycle to be eligible for a cents per gallon credit in the next billing cycle. Qualifying purchases are purchases made for personal, family or household purposes. If you are eligible for a credit, the credit will only apply to the first 100 gallons of Shell fuel purchased with your Shell Platinum Select Mastercard in that billing cycle. Credits will be shown on your billing statement as a single account credit. For complete details, see application for the Shell Platinum Select Mastercard Rewards Program Information.

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