(Issued at 10:00 PM CST): Shell continues to actively monitor the impact of Hurricane Ida to our assets in Louisiana and in the communities where we operate.

Today, we began the process of redeploying personnel to our Enchilada/Salsa asset. Our Perdido asset in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico was never disrupted by the hurricane and our floating production, storage and offloading vessel, the Turritella (also known as Stones) is currently back online. In the case of personnel working on those particular assets who reported personal impacts from the storm, we returned them to shore so that they can focus on home and family.

Our remaining Shell Deep Water assets---Appomattox, Mars, Olympus, Ursa, Auger, and Enchilada/Salsa--remain shut in. Approximately 80% of Shell-operated production is currently offline. Our inspections on board confirm that there is no significant structural damage to these Shell Deep Water assets impacted by the storm. Our crews will focus on making any necessary repairs in a safe, sustainable manner.

Damage assessments continue at our West Delta-143 (WD-143) offshore facility, operated by Shell Pipeline. We are working to understand the full extent of the damage and the degree to which production in the Gulf of Mexico will be impacted.

Our other Shell Pipeline offshore assets remain evacuated, and the ability to send personnel to them has been impacted by disruption to the logistics network in Southeastern Louisiana.

Our Norco manufacturing facility continues to assess impacts. The site is still without electrical power and remains in the elevated flare with visible smoking. Air monitoring is being conducted on the fence line and we are utilizing a 3rd party resource for air monitoring in the community. We will continue this monitoring through the duration of this event.

Our recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Ida include caring for our people and the communities where they live and work. All of our employees who were in the path of the storm are accounted for. We are actively assisting more than 300 Shell employees with repairs to their homes damaged in the hurricane.

As always, Shell’s top priority is the safety of our people, the environment, and our assets.

To find out more about our hurricane preparedness, please visit the Shell Hurricane Center: www.shell.us/stormcenter.

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