(Issued at 8:00 PM CST): Shell continues to actively monitor the impact of Hurricane Ida on our assets in the Gulf of Mexico and in the communities where we operate.

We continue assessing the results of our initial flyover of assets. In that initial flyover, we observed damage to our West Delta-143 (WD-143) offshore facility. We are working to understand the full extent of the damage and the degree to which our production in the Gulf of Mexico will be impacted.

The WD-143 facilities serve as the transfer station for all production from our assets in the Mars corridor in the Mississippi Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico to onshore crude terminals.

Our Perdido asset in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico was never disrupted by the hurricane and our floating production, storage and offloading vessel, the Turritella (also known as Stones) is currently back on line. All of our other offshore assets remain shut in and remain fully evacuated at this time. Approximately 80% of Shell-operated production is currently offline.

In our initial flyover, we did not observe any visible structural damage to the rest of our offshore assets. We are currently working through a process to conduct a more detailed damage assessment at those assets and work to restore production as soon as possible.

A temporary crew-change heliport is in the process of being established, because our primary crew change heliport in Houma, LA sustained significant damage in the storm. Crew changes to and from assets will not occur until the temporary heliport has been fully set up. However, some limited flights have taken place to move non-essential personnel to shore.

Our Norco and Geismar manufacturing facilities were shut down proactively in advance of the storm with only essential personnel at the sites. Our Norco site lost power, and there is evidence of some building damage. Geismar did not lose power. Damage assessments are underway at both facilities. At this time, we cannot confirm a schedule for when Norco and Geismar will resume full operations and production

Our Port Allen Catalyst Plant has safely restored operations after being shut down proactively for Hurricane Ida.

The Shell team in Louisiana is responding in many ways, to help colleagues and neighbors in need. We have a range of support in place for employees who were in the path of the storm, including temporary housing to remediation for storm damage. At Norco, we set up a base camp to house and feed crews that are working around the clock to bring power back to hard-hit communities.

We will continue to monitor weather reports and conditions on the ground across southeast Louisiana and respond accordingly. As always, Shell’s top priority is the safety of our people, the environment and our assets.

To find out more about our hurricane preparedness, please visit the Shell Hurricane Center: www.shell.us/stormcenter.


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