(ISSUED at 1:30 PM CST) The only Shell manufacturing facility within the projected landfall cone of Hurricane Laura is located at Deer Park, TX. We are monitoring the situation closely and taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of employees and manufacturing processes.

Shell Deer Park has activated its emergency operations center for hurricane readiness and response activities. Healthand safety, operations, environmental and other specialists are on duty to ensure that steps are taken to minimize any impact from high wind, rain and storm surge from the Ship Channel.

We are following a multi-phase plan that identifies people and equipment that need attention. The plan is premised on the projected path and severity of the storm and can be adjusted to fit changing weather conditions.

Before each hurricane season,Shell Deer Park reviews and tests this plan based on various hurricane scenarios. The facility regularly confers with the City of Deer Park’soffice of emergency management to share information on preparedness and response tasks, and we work closely with city officialswhenever severe weathercould affect local residents.

Our hurricane plan includes a number of checkpoints, such as computing services, flooding, communications, operations, utilities, health and safety, environment, unit shutdowns and staffing requirements. We also assess the potential impact on incoming receipts of crude oil and petrochemical feedstocks, outgoing distribution of products and onsite inventories. The severity and proximity of a hurricane or major storm to our facility will determine actions taken.

Protection of our people the community, environment and our assets are our top priorities. If conditions lead to an evacuation, we will be prepared to carry it out in a safe and orderly manner. We will use the media and other means of communication to notify employees not to report to work if conditions could be unsafe.

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