Similar to many major brands, the Shell retail fuels business in the U.S. primarily supplies quality motor fuels to wholesalers who operate under the Shell brand and who sell Shell-branded fuels to independent retailers or directly to the motoring public.

Our goal is to ensure a safe, reliable supply of Shell-branded gasoline in every market we serve. In the aftermath of incidents that may disrupt supply, we work in close coordination with Shell-branded wholesalers to tackle supply and logistical challenges.

Shell has a history of being sensitive to price changes caused by significant events such as major supply disruptions or severe weather. Shell-branded operators are independent business people who make their own operating decisions and set gasoline prices as they believe appropriate. While we do not have control of prices at independently owned Shell-branded stations, we do encourage them to act responsibly when setting prices at the pump.

As such, we take allegations of inappropriate pricing seriously, and we recommend customers contact their local state's attorney general or the Shell Customer Service center if any station is charging a price that seems out of line with the market. We do not condone price gouging, we are actively working to prevent it and we will investigate sites with prices that are out of line with the market.

For any further questions or concerns, please contact Shell Customer Service at 888-467-4355 (GO-SHELL).

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