Shell and Motiva are making progress in inspecting and assessing the impact of Tropical Storm Isaac on its manufacturing and distribution facilities. Employees are being accounted for, and so far, no storm related injuries have been reported.

The outcome of these inspections and assessments will determine the timeline for a return to normal operations. The following is the current status of our manufacturing and distribution facilities:

  • Mobile, AL is operating at reduced rates.
  • Refinery at Norco, LA did a controlled and safe shutdown of units during the storm due to loss of power and wind damage and is expected to begin the process of re-starting some units later today. The chemical plant is operating at reduced rates.
  • Convent, LA continues its post-storm startup process and is expected to operate at reduced rates while some electrical power issues are resolved.
  • Geismar, LA is continuing the process of re-starting its units.
  • Capline pipeline re-started on August 30 and Ho-Ho pipeline re-started today.
  • Offshore Gulf pipeline network remains shut down but pending the outcome of flyover inspections, sections of the network may re-start over the weekend.
  • Product terminals have reopened and are supplying wholesalers with product.

Critical to the success of safe startup and return to normal operations is the stability of utilities such as electricity, steam and water.

During this period of inspection, assessment and re-start of operations, our top priority is the safety of our personnel and the community and to minimize impacts on the environment and to our customers.

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