November 1, 2012 3:14:55 PM CDT

Summary of impact on Motiva terminals in NJ and NY: Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Motiva’s terminals in New Jersey and New York have experienced flooding due to the storm surge as well as loss of power and wind impacts. The safety of the community and responders is Motiva’s primary concern in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Safety assessments and plans have been conducted and developed and are being implemented.

In cooperation with local agencies, Motiva is continuing to conduct a thorough inspection and damage assessment of its petroleum terminals including Sewaren, NJ. All employees have been accounted for, and no storm related injuries have been reported. The outcome of these assessments will determine the timeline for a return to operations.

Sewaren specific


Four diesel oil storage tanks were damaged at the Sewaren terminal, two of which are believed to have released some of their contents. The exact volume of diesel oil released from the tanks will be developed when crews are able to gain safe access to the tanks. Preliminary estimate of the diesel released offsite is 6,600 Bbls.

Initial response actions were successful to stop the flow of diesel from the secondary containment area into Woodbridge Creek. Product and water is being recovered by vacuum trucks from the secondary containment area and pumped into a separate onsite storage tank


Assessments of the surrounding waterways, creeks and community have been conducted. Oil spill containment booms have been deployed to contain pockets of diesel oil and to protect sensitive areas.

Response crews are actively recovering contained diesel oil by use of skimmers and vacuum trucks. Approx 130 responders are taking part in the cleanup effort.

Motiva has been coordinating their response activities with the USCG; the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and with Middlesex County Officials

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