Gretchen Watkins, President, Shell USA, Inc.
Gretchen Watkins, President, Shell USA, Inc.

Meeting the demand for reliable energy – while simultaneously addressing climate change – is a huge undertaking and one of the defining challenges of our time. As an energy company with more than a 100-year history in the United States, Shell wants to play its part. In October 2021, President Gretchen Watkins spoke to the House Oversight and Reform Committee on behalf of Shell Oil Company to relay this message. 

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Powering Progress

Powering Progress sets out our strategy to accelerate the transition of our business to net-zero emissions.

Renewables and Energy Solutions

The global energy system is changing. A planet destined for more people and rising living standards will need more energy. But the world must also find ways to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change. Shell’s New Energies business focuses on new fuels and power.

Digitalisation in Energy

Digitalisation is transforming the energy industry, by improving efficiency and safety, as well as facilitating the use of renewable energy.