For the first time, six bright energy ideas have been brought together to show the power of collaboration through a food truck – a feature on city streets around the world. The Synergy Truck is the brainchild of thirty-one Shell Eco-marathon Americas students who took part in a hackathon in Palo Alto.

Working with the student teams, celebrated chef Ludo Lefebvre joined the panel of expert consultants who helped shape the Synergy Truck’s design. The vehicles reimagine every aspect of the food truck experience; from lighting, heating, and waste management through to the food production and customer experience.

Discover how the Synergy Truck was created by US students during our two-day Hackathon.

Shell product ranges

Following a wider tour of US colleges, two Shell Synergy Trucks will be donated to social enterprises to help benefit communities in the US.

The Synergy Truck features


A walkway along the length of the truck window, generating potential energy from consumers’ footsteps as they order their food.


Two GravityLights hanging to generate light from the power of gravity.


Two Insolar umbrellas around the truck fitted with solar technology to enable phones and other USB devices to be charged, as well as solar panels on the roof of the truck to help power the kitchen appliances.

Capture Mobility

A Capture Mobility turbine on top of the truck to generate power from wind energy to help power the kitchen appliances.


A grill unit using bio-bean’s carbon neutral Coffee Log briquettes to cook the food and a bio-bean capture unit indicating the potential energy of the coffee waste collected.


A MotionECO capture unit indicating the potential energy of the waste cooking oil collected.

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