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Home is a place for family, rest, and recreation. How can we heat, light and power our homes and neighbourhoods with fewer emissions?

From cooking, lighting, heating, and cooling we rely on energy to power our homes and neighbourhoods. As the world moves to a lower CO2 energy system, the ways in which we power our homes will undergo substantial change. Our homes will become more energy efficient, powered by cleaner energies and ultimately, more sustainable.

Already, wind farms, solar plants and hydro plants are generating renewable electricity for national grids. Renewable gas is being fed into domestic heating systems. And in the developing world, off grid communities are developing micro grids, powered by wind, solar and bio fuel.

Shell is committed to keeping pace with this change and playing an active role in the on-going transition to a lower carbon world. We are developing wind farms, solar plants and plants that generate renewable gas from waste. We are exploring smart meter systems to help people run their homes more efficiently. And in the developing world we are helping remote communities move from a dependence on wood and animal dung as fuel to cleaner alternatives.

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Our initiatives

  • Cleaner Mobility

    Discover how Shell is providing more sustainable mobility options for cleaner transport, including electric vehicle charging, liquified natural gas and hydrogen.

    Cleaner Mobility

  • Cleaner Energy for Homes

    Find out how Shell is investing in more sustainable and cleaner energy to provide power to homes and neighbourhoods, including wind farms, heat recovery and energy efficient batteries.

    Cleaner Energy for Homes

  • Cleaner Energy for Business

    Learn how Shell is providing more sustainable and cleaner energy for businesses, including liquified natural gas, energy efficient batteries and natural gas.

    Cleaner Energy for Business


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